About Us

FunLink is created for singles below 59 years old in Singapore, looking for wider network, friendship, dating or relationship. We position ourselves as a networking platform to know more single friends of the opposite gender, through interesting features. Register an account for FREE and with a few clicks away, you get to meet new friends.

Our Objective

We do not believe in asking members to pay high premium or to sign up any long term package. Rather, we believe in developing this networking website with a human touch and to constantly update the state of the art technology to serve you better, all with a sense of humor and fun. We include several safety features (Contact Us page, Report Spam and etc) in place to ensure you are protected and safe in our website. We want you to feel comfortable in meeting new friends, all within a few clicks away, anywhere with internet connection.

Why are we different?

  • Register an account for FREE, send nudge at NO COST and NO LIMIT to new members.
  • Accmulate 1000 virtual credits and redeem for 1 month FREE subscription.
  • Login each time and earn free 10 virtual credit top up. Use it to write free text, send super nudges, reveal their survey mystery box.
  • No credit card numbers or detail required upon registration with account free for life.
  • All year discount on virtual credit purchase at only S$10 per transaction, to interact with members. 
  • Stringent Approval. New members suspected with fake profile, below 21 years old, invalid identification number and/or incomplete profile are rejected.
  • Receive 100 complimentary virtual credits for all new referral accounts created upon successful moderation. This is how we thank you for your participation.

Special Features

  • Report spam button to ensure no members are being harassed. All members are protected from any form of threats or harrassment.
  • 'Contact Us' page for members to ask and clarify questions with no obligation or cost.
  • Wacky lifestyle survey for members to explore and to understand their new friends beyond looks.
  • Free interesting quotes and popularity rating to brighten your day with fun and inspiration.
  • Write free text to anyone using virtual credits. Meet new friends at no cost at all.

"Read their profile before meeting them in person. No where is much more safer and fun than FunLink." 

                                                                                  FunLink, where networking begins …