Mar 31st, 2017

In the first half of 2015, people in Singapore lost S$ 1.59 million in such scams, as well as S$3.7 million in Internet love scams. In the latter, scammers seek out victims via dating sites or social networking platforms and typically cheat them by claiming to be in financial trouble.

Feb 19th, 2017

We heard disturbing news during lunar Chinese New Year on a gruesome murder of Choong Pei Shan, w

Jan 29th, 2017

This is a festival where family members and relatives gather annually. It is interesting to understand how singles and married couples behave during the Chinese New Year celebration. For singles that are attached, they are proud to bring their loves one home for reunion.

Dec 27th, 2016

There are happy stories where couples renew their vow by year end but there are also sad story if 2016 is a rocky journey often with misunderstanding. I came across a case where couple married for 4 years ended up in a divorce when one party is having an affair.

Nov 27th, 2016

Christmas is just 1 month away. The 1st thing in everyone's mind is rushing to Orchard shopping malls and for boxes of chocolate, towels, mugs or soft toys as present for their colleagues and love ones. We have some basic principles which make this task easier for us. Just follow the steps and you will find it an easy chorus.

Oct 22nd, 2016

I interviewed a single mother, rather touch by her predicament. She was brave in bringing up her daughter now 12 years of age. Cindy (her fake name) gave birth to her daughter when she was 20 years old. Working as a property agent, Cindy worked day and night to bring her daughter up, gave her the best education and most importantly, played the role of a father and a mother. Below is the interview extract.

Sep 19th, 2016

Dating is new and exciting but have you ever asked yourself these questions? Am I ready for a real relationship? How do I turn down someone I’m just not interested in? Do we have to publicize it online? It’s easy to lose sleep over the multitude of nagging questions that arise in the pursuit of romance.