5 Worst Relationship Tests

In this world, there are couples who will try just to test their relationship, using all kind of techniques. Some of them are lethal and it hurts both sides. If you ask, will a test be necessary after years of courtship, I say it depends how much trust you build upon the years. Very often, a girl will ask a boy if he loves her. The answer always comes out as a ‘Yes’ but if he means it, it is another story. These tests are more like pranks which hurt the relationship. It does not get them anywhere. Do not every try it.

1. Wedding Old Make Up

A lady in China did an ‘old woman’ makeup for her wedding shot. She wanted to test if her finance will still love her when she is old. She turned her hair grey, put fake winkles on her face and insisted her finance took a wedding shot with her. She thought it was a good test but it turned out bad. She was not sensitive to understand, if it happened the other way where her finance turned up for a wedding shot with slipper and singlet to resemble poor, would she mind? She just embarrassed her finance in the public. It only shows she was immature in her action.  

 2. Checking Mobile Phone Message

Girl likes to check on boy mobile phone if boy keeps receiving phone call or text message from the same female caller. There is every reason to suspect as love is all a jealous matter. However, checking when he is not aware only result in him thinking, she does not trust him at all. If a girl suspects anything, ask questions to find out. Be open to speak up her discomfort level if she lands in this situation. Make an effort to know the regular caller in person and make friend with her to know more about her. It goes the same for the boy, if it happens on her.

 3. Monthly Pay Cheque

Salary plays a part when the relationship is stable and both of them want to move on to the next stage of life. Girl will be interested to know how much the boy earns, to estimate the standard of living she will have enjoy marriage. Boy will like to know how much the girl earns so he can plan how much to give her for holiday and how often buy her branded handbags. Not all boys like to declare all their earning to the girl but the girl wants full declaration just like tax declaration. Solution: get a consensus to declare from both parties only 80% of what they earn for future ‘together’ expense.

betrayal love

 4. Introduce Opposite Gender

This is a dangerous move. Some couples go further and introducing the same gender single friends to their partner, hoping to test out if the relationship is strong. They will bring their single friends whenever they go and to create opportunity for them to be together, while observing them from a corner. This is the worst test to be carried out. They feel that if the relationship is strong, it is unlikely their partner will fall in love with their own group of single friends. Studies show that long interaction with another opposite gender do trigger chemistry. It hurts and damages the relationship.

 5. Telling a False Lie

In drama, boy will tell girl that he does not love her, for a couple of days. The whole idea is to test how much she loves him in return. This test can backfire. If the love relationship is strong and this white lie lasts for a short few days, the other party can suffer depression or commit suicide. Relationship will plunge to the bottom with no sign of recovery. The hurting party will turn to their friends for advice and ultimately end the relationship even after the test is being sorted out after a few days.

There are better ways to test a relationship. Unfortunately all the above 5 tests are classified as a killer. We do not doubt someone if we are faithful to them. Be open of the past and future and find common grounds and consensus.