6 Secret Ways to Get a Girlfriend

Gentlemen, do you know getting a girlfriend is a life skill rather than a soft skill? Think about it, how to attract beautiful women isn’t a course that they offer in college. In fact, when it comes to practical dating tips for men, you are only left with what you learnt from your father or your friends around you. Do you believe in the theory you read from books and magazines? Now, I reveal all the 6 secrets to you.

1. Nice Guys Finish Last

If you ask any female friends, almost all of them will say, they want a nice polite guy with good manners, a big heart and who has a great relationship with his mother. If you look further, most men that women date almost never meet this description. So, what is going wrong? Well, actions speak louder than words and the evidence is, nice guys finish last. Words always contradict their actions. If you want to learn the best dating tips for men, buck up your courage, brush up your humor and adopt never-give-up attitude. The rest of a Mr. Perfect is just theory anyway.

2. Treat Rejection Your Friend

Let’s be reasonable: no man living or dead has ever had a 100% success rate in attracting women. If you want to have your pick on quality women, get out there and start meeting them and asking them on dates. For online dating, sign up for subscription and talk to them constantly. Unless you are so irritating that they say a firm NO, the more you meet and the more you ask, more ‘yes’ will follow. Just be tactful and avoid sex talk. Sex talk comes in when you start holding her hands.

3. Be Desperate

Do you know that women can smell desperation from a mile away? If you want to have an amazingly attractive woman in your life, approach them every day, until they are tired of it. The more socially valuable a woman is, the more she's going to want a man who knows her existence. Women need attention and your presence will make them feel appreciated. Do not expect women to make a first move. Be a man and take the lead.


4. Upgrade Your Vocabulary

Forget about telling a women, “I love you” when you first meet them. These 3 words are commonly use and it serves no meaning for a total stranger. Say it when you are more intimate with her. Rather, pick up some nice but simple words to capture her attention, such as “I like your smile.” Or ‘You have an amazing pair of eyes.” Boost their morale and make them feel special. By adding special and yet simple vocabulary, you get the first conversation rolling. Some women are sensitive with the word ‘babe’. Use it sparingly.

5. Stay Knowledgeable

Yes, sweet talk plays a part. Most women like men with a wide knowledge of everything. You need not know everything but good to know a bit of everything. It keeps your conversation going, especially if you do not know her much and you are not sure about her hobbies. Instead of asking her, ‘What is your hobbies?”, talk about anything under the sun and try to catch her interest and dwell on it further. Once you keep her interested in a particular topic (e.g. holiday, dogs, gardening, branded bags or etc.). You get her attention and the rest is easy. Do research on her interested topic and make it your expert in some way.

6. Be Yourself

Men like to keep women entertained with jokes and stories. Do not overdo it and make yourself a clown. If you are good at jokes, do it moderately. If you are not a joker and you try to crack a joke, it can backfire and make yourself look stupid. If you meet women for the first time, be generous and firm but not formal. Women get tense up easily if you are too formal with them. You stress them up unnecessary. Make them relax and they will come to you for more.

It is true that with more attractive women, getting their attention is more challenging. If you do not have the appearance, brush up on your personality and charisma. Somehow, it does electrify them with your persistence. As what Nike slogan says, “Just Do It.” It works sometimes with much thick skin.