7 Top Romantic Gestures to Win Over Her

Running out of ideas on how to impress her? Inviting her for dinner may seem too simple a task with no creativity. Try something innovative to impress her. Some couples shared with me their tactics during courtship days and it worked on them. One couple was married last year and the other couple got married in January this year. Guys, here are the 7 interesting techniques.

1.      Send Her Hand Bouquet Flowers

Before you call the florist, always make sure she is not allergic to flowers. Find out in advance what kind of flowers she likes. Not all girls like roses and you will be surprise some girls prefer tulips. Alternatively some girls prefer teddy bear than flowers. Never ever send only one rose hand bouquet. You are only asking for trouble, if you do. If you can’t afford a dozen, send at least 3 roses with a teddy bear or something. Do it regularly every fortnightly or monthly. You will see some results after 3 months. Make sure you change your flowers pattern or gift.  

2.      Cook Her Awesome Dinner

It doesn’t matter if you are not the chief. What it matters is a simple meal that include your effort. If you are someone that never cook in your life and you always bring her out for dinner, spend a weekend at home to do some simple cooking. You need not cook an eight course meal fiesta. A simple western food or sandwiches is enough to melt her heart. Let her be the guest for the night. Don't ever ask her to be your maid to do the washing after the meal. If not, what you have done will be wasted.

3.      Bring Her Siblings Out on Weekend

Show her you care about her siblings as well, if they are still young. Bring her and her young siblings out for a day in the amusement park, at the zoo or simply to some shopping malls. It makes you look good that you are someone that cares for her and her family. Always end the day by treating her siblings to some nice meal. Never send her and her siblings home empty handed or with an empty stomach. Window shopping is never a good idea if you bring her and her sibling out.


 4.      Delicate a Song

If she listens to radio and she likes to tune in to late night radio station, delicate a song to her, followed by a call to surprise her. Do make sure, you know the songs she likes to listen. If you manage to call in to the radio station, share with the deejay how much you cherish her. Make sure she tunes in to listen to what you say. Do prepare a structure speech in advance, when you are on the air. Usually you are only given 30 seconds or less to say what you want. Keep it brief and meaningful.

5.      Delicate Trip to Her

If you are overseas for business, touch her heart by booking a flight home on special occasion and to spend time with her. She will be pleased to have someone that put work behind just to be with her. When you fly home, make sure she knows about it and this is a special arrangement just for her. It is not advisable to give her a surprise. If you do, usually you will be surprise as she may plan to do something else on this special day, knowing you are away overseas.


6.      Book a Weekend Trip to Oversea Resort

Try booking a trip to neighbor countries. There are new beaches and resorts in Malaysia and Thailand. Budget airline makes these trips more affordable and easy. Sometimes, what she needs is a cool place to respite and a nice resort to loosen her mind. Some nice meditation or spa will make her feel refreshed.

 7.      Make a Photo Album of Her

Everyone wants wonderful moments to be captured for eternity. If you have taken some pictures of her, spend some time to make it into a photo album. Write a love story about the process and to present her this photo album. Tell her that you spend months preparing this photo album. The photo album speaks about their past and it is an indication of the future. She will be happy to receive it. It has your photo in as well.

Guys, Valentine Day does not end after the 14th February. Make every month a Valentine month. A small gesture makes a big difference. If she is someone that you care, let her be loved and cared in every single way. For other singles, use Valentine Day to know more new friends. Start networking and as I always say, “Funlink it the way you want it.”