70 Tips of Everlasting Relationship

It is easy to create a new relationship in the initial stage but definitely not easy to sustain an everlasting relationship. Good relationships are created through love, attention, compromise and all the little things that we do in our everyday lives. If you have these 70 tips, you are on your way to an everlasting relationship.

1. Always be honest with one another and never do anything to lose trust.

2. Put your partner’s needs above your own and they will do the same to you.

3. Never raise your voice while disagreeing and listen from their perspective.

4. Always seek to understand where they are coming from.

5. Do things they love to do even if you don’t enjoy the activity.

6. Show them that they’re appreciated.

7. Show interest in how each other’s days went.

8. Continue to go on dates no matter how long you have been together.

9. Experience new hobbies or interest together.

10. Make each other smile every day.

11. Celebrate your anniversaries, even the little ones.

12. Never threaten to end the relationship in a moment of anguish

13. Never get family members or friends involved in your relationship problems.

14. Communicate your feelings (good and bad) on a consistent basis.

15. Make your partner feel important.

16. Start a tradition (i.e. movie Tuesdays, vacation once a year, etc.)

17. Make it known that your relationship comes first.

18. Always support each other with your goals.

19. Tell each other “I’m proud of you” when applicable.

20. Always kiss each other goodbye.

21. Always kiss each other goodnight.

22. Send each other loving text messages randomly.

23. Be best friends to one another.

24. Always be sympathetic to each other’s needs.

25. Call each other anytime you’re apart for long periods of time.

26. Address problems immediately instead of letting them build into bigger issues.

27. Apologize when you’re wrong.

28. Never let ego or pride come in the way of your relationship.

29. Embrace your differences.

30. Accept each other for who you are

31. Never try to change one another.

32. Always show patience with one another.

33. Be respectful to each other when you’re together and when you’re apart.

34. Make time for each other.

35. Care for each other when one of you is sick.

36. Randomly buy things for each other when you see something your lover would like.

37. Volunteer together for a cause.

38. Help each other fulfill each other’s dreams.

39. Respect the boundaries that each of you set for the relationship.

40. Continue to do all the things you did for each other in the beginning of your relationship.

41. Make your partner feel beautiful or handsome.

42. Always be a shoulder to cry on for each other.

43. Hug each other several times a week.

44. Plan vacations together.

45. Plan your future together (kids, etc.)

46. Hold hands in public and when sitting next to one another.

47. Pray together about your relationship.

48. Ask for each other’s opinion.

49. Never talk down to one another.

50. Always encourage each other.

51. Forgive each other even when it’s hard.

52. See each other as imperfect. Don’t expect perfection.

53. Set aside time for each other to be alone, no matter how busy you are.

54. Capture your memories you make with pictures and scrapbooks.

55. Find ways to say, “I love you” without saying the words.

56. Allow your partner to feel like they’re right even if they’re not.

57. Give each other massages.

58. Allow your partner to have the last dessert.

59. Never say or do anything that you’ll regret.

60. Always conduct yourself as if your partner is standing next to you, even when you’re alone.

61. Go on walks together at a park or shopping mall.

62. Take time to reflect on how far you have come as a couple.

63. Take time to laugh about your previous struggles as a couple.

64. Do the things that your partner likes you to do for them.

65. When you have concerns, express them. Don’t hold them inside.

66. Create goals together and then work together to achieve them.

67. Seek relationship counseling to resolve issues you can’t resolve on your own.

68. Change things up every now and again. Break the old routine from time to time.

69. Balance your work lives with your home lives.

70. Share your most inner thoughts, that is the most important of all.