Best Age to Get Married

The answers is obvious, which is as young as possible. This is an old saying from our parents or grandparents. In actual fact, there is no right or wrong age to get married, excluding marriages starting from 18 years old, but there are several ages, usually in the late twenties, that are suggested to be the best for marriage.

Age 26 & Below

Before the age of 26, most of them want greater exposure and better career advancement in their life. Dating and courtship with several partners are preferred. For the guys, it is probably the first few years of career establishment after national service and university years. Income for the men are rather tight, not to mention the dating expenses and the wedding expenses if they are serious to settle down. Women at this age are usually the most attractive and they do attract more capable and mature men with betterjob stability. They have plenty of options to choose from, if they miss a few good ones in their university years.

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Age 27 - 30

Love experts agree this is the best age for the couple to get married for several reasons, if they are in the same courtship for several years. This is the age where they save relatively enough, although not a lot for a roof over their head, with some loan from the bank for wedding and renovation expenses. One of them should be promoted to senior executive or assistant manager at this age, if they consistently stay in the company, climbing the corporate ladders or setting up their own business. Women are usually encouraged to get married around 27 years old, if they want to start a family by 30 years old. This is also a good age to bear children with less labour complication.

Age 31 - 36

If you miss the earlier age range, you should not miss the boat here. At this age, you are probably relatively stable in your career, in your material needs and you are well experienced when it comes to handle love relationship. Men mature a lot at this age, with the right mindset of family and career. Women start to age a little but thanks to the makeup accessories, they remain adorable and attractive. Women getting married at this age, either choose to have only one child or none for a few reasons. Their body condition does not allow them to give birth or they are simply too engross with their career achievement advancing to the next higher management.

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Age 37 to 45

Men at this age would probably have a family with children. For single men, there are a few good ones out there but most of them seek for a partner, not much with too many children, if they want to settle down. There are also divorced couple at this age, looking for a more successful love, after a failed first marriage. Women at this age are more independent with high purchasing power on their own. Their needs for men is more of a companion and sex leisure. Marriage at this age for both genders, is more of a commitment of staying together and sex rather than having a family.

Age 46 and above

This is not an ideal age for first time marriage. The meaning of marriage goes beyond just looks and sex. Rather, it is the partnership when it comes to marriage at this stage. Option to have children is highly unlikely but adopting children or keeping children from first marriage seems to be an option. Men and women who get married at this age either miss the earlier boat, too focus in their career path or simply suffer too many unhappy relationships in the past.

No matter what age you are married, ask yourself, and are you ready to compromise? There are always better ones out there once you settle down. Will you compromise your spouse weaknesses? No one is perfect. Marriage should not be a gateway to get better ones out there, leaving a spare tyre at home. It is a commitment to safeguard the marriage vows said when you walk the red carpet on the wedding night.