Broken Relationship, How It Happens?

There are happy stories where couples renew their vow by year end but there are also sad story if 2016 is a rocky journey often with misunderstanding. I came across a case where couple married for 4 years ended up in a divorce when one party is having an affair. Whereas there is tolerance and compromise, if it ended with a big dot and there is no way to mend the ties, there is absolute no point clinching on a relationship again. Staying together is a lifelong commitment and only a trusted relationship makes this journey smoother. While getting separated is hard, it can be the best solution after all. Here are the 6 tell-tale signs to bid your broken relationship adieu.

1. Out of Comfort

You do not seem to agree with him in most of the matters although both of you try to compromise each other. The time spent is getting lesser and you feel 'suffocated' at times when you meet him or chat with him on the phone. Sometimes, when you are with your own group of friends, you don’t know if you are willing to go through the entire process again for another year. He seems like a stranger to you suddenly. You value your friends more than you are with him personally.


2. Feel Less Loved

He continues to meet you. However, he no longer carries a long sincere conversation with you. You feel a distance even if he is right in front of you. When you initiate a conversation, his answers are brief and concise. You do not feel a sense of security talking to him anymore. These days, he doesn't tease you anymore and he gives in to whatever you want, without asking you why. He wants more privacy on his own and he often goes out alone and shut himself in a room playing computer games.

3. Talk to a Stranger

He used to share the ups and downs. As for now, he seldom talks to you about his work life. Both of you used to be soul mates and you need not asked before he shares them. However, now it seems that you need to ask what goes wrong before he discloses anything to you. Things no longer come naturally. It is more like a question and answer session rather than a dialogue of free text.  

4. No Topic Anymore

Verbal conversation has reduced to messages and each message is getting shorter and shorter. There are problems, but he is too tired to explain to you. He sees no point since you do not seem to understand at all. You reach a stage where you are not sure if it is even worth the effort to bring these things up anymore. Both parties are simply too tired to talk. Message has replaced verbal communication.


5. Too High Maintenance

There is a burden in continuing the relationship. Everything has to be upgraded or cost more for him to appreciate you or give you the attention you used to get freely. You feel that money is always an issue in the conversation. Every conversation ends with the topic on money.

6. Too Much Commitment

After going through all this, you feel bog down by too much unnecessary commitment. You feel there is an obligation to update each other, quite often unwillingly. You need time to be free and figure out what you really need from this relationship. You wonder if it is time you made it out on your own and to seek your own freedom.

All of those signs showing, or most of them? I hate to break it to you, but maybe you reconsider a new relationship if things are not working well. If trying hard to secure a relationship is hard for both parties, go separate way with common understanding can be a less painful way. Both of you are simply not meant for each other as a couple, maybe just friends.