Chinese New Year for Singles and Married

This is a festival where family members and relatives gather annually. It is interesting to understand how singles and married couples behave during the Chinese New Year celebration. For singles that are attached, they are proud to bring their loves one home for reunion. For singles not attached, they ether shy away from visiting relatives or face it with great dignity that they are happy with what they are. Married couples face different challenges too. Read on to find out more.

1. Single with attachment

There is no issue to this group. On New Day eve, they will bring their spouse to each parent home. Reunion will be in their top agenda where parents will ask when they are getting married. They receive red packet from family and relatives, extra allowance but they face pressure on getting married.



2. Shy single not attached

This group will shy away. Prior to this festive celebration, they either meet many friends from opposite gender hopefully to pass it off as best friends as their spouse just in time to prove to the family and relatives. Some of these singles will register for dating website, hoping to know more friends. During the visit, they spend times with their nieces or cousins. Some prefer to spend the day with friends for a drink.

3. Independent single not attached

They are used to these every year and this is just another routine to show family and relative, they are independent. They do not shy away but rather openly declare they are still available if anyone asks for it. They are proud of their career and achievement and they have big group of friends, mostly singles. Most importantly, they enjoy receiving red packets from married relatives, enjoying the process. They are open to recommendation and referrals.





4. Married couple with no child

They often face the pressure of being asked, when are you having your first child? This group is in the intermediate stage of life. They have passed the singlehood but they are not spare on starting a family, when asked by uncles and aunties. Some of them will reply that they plan for one the following year. Others will simply brush off the statement with a smile and talk about other topics. However, they are not spare in giving red packets to the siblings not married.




5. Married Couple with child

They are the best group who has fulfilled all criteria, getting married and having a child. Their role during Chinese New Year is to spread their blessing to the single by giving them red packet. During the visit, they will dress up their children like cute little red dolls, running around in the house for sweets and drinks. Their topics evolve around the challenge of bringing up the children, their performance in schools and etc.

Regardless of which categories you are in, enjoy the process. In each stage, you experience it differently. Once you move on from singlehood to marriage hood and then to parenthood, it is unlikely you can re-wind the clock. Gong Xi Fa Cai.