Christmas for Singles

It's the month of Christmas again where we exchange presents and to show our loved ones our appreciation. If you are still single, you need not be lonely. December is a month where things happen, sometimes beyond your expectation. Here are some ways to keep your December an exciting one.

1. Countdown Year End Party

You see it on paper and at bus stop poster. Do not miss out on the countdown party. You can be seeing someone with a new friendship growing in 2014. Sign up for the countdown party be it in town or at club. Dance away all the unhappy incidents with hope of meeting new friends along the way. Year-end party is a time where everyone lets their hair down, open to make new friends for the new year.

2. Volunteer Work

Look out for charity organizations that need volunteers in community work during Christmas season. There are cases where singles meet new friends through volunteer work. Through giving and sharing, it brings out the generosity and the inner beauty within you. You will never know, you click well with other volunteers who can be your best friends or even your beloved ones later.

3. Old Friends Gathering

Haven't got the time to meet up with old friends whom you have not met for years? Contact them through whatapp, facebook or twitters and fix a date to meet up for a Christmas dinner in town. Ask them to bring along their single friends to make this gathering a fun and memorable one. You get to meet their friends who can be your new best friends or life partner.

4. Colleagues Gifts Exchange

While changing presents with your colleagues, pen down some thoughts for colleagues whom you are interested in. Send them special presents with heartwarming words to make their day. You are busy with work all year and December is a month where you show some affection on nice colleagues, whom you think can be more than just colleagues or lunch buddy.

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 5. Attend Friend's Wedding Dinner

Being invited for your friends' wedding dinner? DO NOT save on the red packet and DO NOT turn it down. When your friends invite you to attend their wedding, you get to meet their single friends who think just like you, wanting to meet more friends. Don on your best dress code and make the first impression counts. Your newlywed friends are creating opportunity for you to meet the right one. Tap on their blessing and be blessed in return.

6. Go on a Holiday

Survey shows some singles believe in finding a partner while travelling. Get your travelling friends for a weekend trip. With many employees travelling in December to clear their annual leave, you stand a chance to meet other singles going on short holiday trip. Do not be surprise if you end up chatting with common alike friends on a plane, only to find them singles, and both of you become great lovers few months later.

7. Online Dating

Research shows that online dating websites generate most traffic towards the end of the year. Increase your chance to know more friends by creating free account in dating websites. With more users login to internet for online shopping, dating website becomes a quick way to know new friends. If you are lucky, you receive special messages or nudges on these dating websites which initiates new friendship in 2014. 

December is never a lonely month for singles. In fact, it is a month where most singles cast their work burden aside for a month of enjoyment. Step out and meet common friends in December. Mixing with the same old group of friends or simply 'rotting' at home doesn't get you anywhere further. Let 2014 be an interesting and exciting year for you. You create the magic.

It all starts from YOU.

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