Coping From A Breakup

Going through a relationship break up is never easy especially if the relationship last for more than 2 years. Always remember, a fail relationship does not mean that you not able to find another one in the future. Recovery from a break up will depend on how you are able to pick up the pieces, accept what happened and to move on. Here are 4 recovery tips that help you overcome from a recent break up.

 1. Avoid Talking with Your Ex for Awhile

If the break up is fairly recent, try to avoid keeping in contact with your Ex for awhile. There are two types of breakup. One is to remain friends again while the other is never to be in contact again. If you decide to be friends again, even if you think that you can handle it, there is still chance that some feelings might be there. Fresh wounds heal better if you refrain from any contact with someone who had caused it at least for a while.

 2. Move Away From the Past

Usually after the break-up, you may continue to visit the places where you used to go. If you continue occupying most of your time reminiscing your most memorable times together, then you are not doing yourself any good. Try to snap out of it by thinking about the present and what you can do to get over your relationship breakdown and make yourself feel better.


3. Spend More Time with Friends

Your previous relationship might have prevented you from keeping in contact with your friends. Now that you are “FREE” once again, it may be a good opportunity to make up for lost time with some of them. Try to reconnect with friends and spend more time with them. Not only would it help keep your mind from the hurt feelings and experiences brought by the recent break up, their presence would also help make your recovery less stressful.

4. Have Other Commitments in Your Schedule

Some of them indulge in work to forget about the sad incident. Others go for a long holiday. No matter what you do, always tell yourself, what has ended has ended. The next one will be a successful one. Sometimes in life, you need to undergo several relationships to be strong and to have the right one for you.

Some lucky one get it MATCHED the first time while others take a few more tries. Just never give up networking.