Couple Quarrel, What's Next?

This month, I delicate my blog to all the gentlemen out there. Guys, if you are in a relationship, we must admit we need to be tactful when handling girlfriends who are moody, unreasonable, petty, or keep complaining about us and everyone else?

Sometimes, they dress simply too sexy for your eyes or simply being unattentive. If we are not careful and we blow up, we have to end up buying flowers as apology to them later. Women never admit they are wrong until you say your first 'Sorry'.  There are tons of thousand reasons out there. We do not need to know them, just handle them well. 

 Ironically if she is not in a good mood, she will ...

  • Keep quiet and let you speak most of the time OR contradict every word that you say
  • Not wanting to talk to you but hoping you to keep texting her lovely message 

  • Not listening to you but want you to keep talking and asking her, as a way to show her concern

  • Refusing to hold your hand but wanting you to walk behind her and protecting her

  • Folding her arms in a defensive style when she is seated and waiting for you to pacify her

  • Stare at you and expect you to return with a non threatening smile and concern


What should you do then?

  • Cuddle her when she turns emotion and do standby a pack of tissue. Some women drop tears out of frustration
  • Avoid crowded place to avoid a fuss. Find a quiet place to sort the issue out

  • Don't make strong and harsh statement like, 'What's wrong with you today?', 'Crazy'
  • Never grape her hand and hold her like a man and say, "Look, I have enough of your nonsense."
  • Do not walk out of her. Keep the date simple and avoid movies, shopping or eating
  • Let her get some peace for a few days before calling her again

couple quarrel

This is a time where you put your patient to the limit. Be more tolerance and tone down your voice. Be prepared to be the sand bag to be 'punched' left, right, front and back. Let her vent her frustration out all at once. Make sure your body is strong to take some punches. Once it is over, they will feel guilty and through their body language (i.e. lean against you shoulder) to treat you better. 

Once women turn moody, they need time to adapt and to adjust their emotion before telling you what goes wrong. Unlike men, women are not good at describing their emotion. Rather, they use body language to show it, hoping their partners can pick up the hints and to pacify them down. Women, after all, are beautiful angels with few words.