Exotic Places to Celebrate Valentine Day

If this is a last minute arrangement or you have completely slipped through your mind until you see a Valentine message, you can still have a wonderful evening with your loved one. Typically, lovers will dine at posh restaurant pre-booked months ahead with candlelight dinner. Well, try something different and unique this year. Why not do it in an unexpected venue and yet warm and cozy? Here are the 9 ‘exotic’ places where you can be.

1. Changi Airport

Forget about Orchard Road or Town for a fine dining. Go to Changi Airport and have a quiet dinner, stroll along the gallery holding her hands and watch the plane take-off and landing. The quietness will give both of you some peaceful moment to appreciate each other and to talk about the next honeymoon trip.

2. East Coast Park

Who says park is meant for families on the weekend? Take her and ride the dual bicycle together. Dress in sport attire and do some cycling together towards dawn where the sun is not strong. Then settle in one of the seafood restaurants with her favourite chili crabs and end the night by strolling along the beach, enjoying the night breeze together, sharing the future dream and goal.

3. Office Building

You can be sure no one works on Valentine Day, at least not your bosses. Get your staff pass and spend a lovely night with Valentine cake bought from the nearby bakery shop and two glass of red wine at one of the biggest meeting rooms. Play light loving music and dance the night out. Refrain yourself to return to your workstation to reply e-mail. This is the only temptation you must resist.  

4. By the Pool at the Condo

If you have friends that live in condo, ask them for permission to use their facilities. Bring along your swimming costume and slide gently in the pool together, sharing each other intimacy in the cooling night water and creating nice gentle ripples. All you can hear will only be the glistening water and her sweet voice dancing around your ears.

lover cups

5. At Home

Nothing is better than home when no one is around. Call for ad-hoc catering or order fast food. Spend the night watching “Titanic” together or her favorite movie. Cuddle her tight to give her warmth and joys as you enjoy the movie together. Prepare a glass of red wine with some finger food. Make sure the air condition temperature is not set too low. Moderate temperature around 23 degrees with dim orange light always work best.

6. Short Trip to Batam

Can’t wait to get out of Singapore? Catch a ferry (if it is not fully booked) to Batam for a weekend getaway. Book a resort and to enjoy a new environment. It can be a refresher for both of you together. Nice hotels should be booked by now but if she is okay, any place with a decent stay works well too. What she needs is not the venue but you by the side and you paying the bill altogether.

7. In the Library

This is one of the quiet places, good for lovers with a few words but same thoughts. Grad a love story book and sit comfortable in a corner and read the story together. In this setting, it is no longer the voice but the body temperature and the common imagination that draws both of you closer.

8. Garden By The Bay

Immerse yourself in a sea of flowers and get her a bouquet of red roses. Spend the night walking the Flower Dome with her to appreciate the beauty of nature and the cooling atmosphere. Get her a jacket and a sweet cone of ice cream after a light dinner. Thereafter, stroll the park together with the flower fragrance saturating the quiet night.

9. Museum

If you watched the movie <Night at the Museum>, you will not find museum a boring place to date. In fact, it is another quiet place where both of you visit the past together and to explore how history has got both of you here together. It is rather amazing to see antiques and to find true value of love in the process.

Must Valentine Day be celebrated in town at expensive restaurant? Must it be in formal attire? Rather try something unique which leave both of you a deep impression. Dinner is just another normal routine that can be done anytime. Choosing a unique venue freezes this special moment forever.

Not knowing what to give, check out this video below.