Freak out where to go on 1st date?

You know someone online and you message him a few times. You are eager to meet up with him and he makes the 1st move. It can be good news or not so good news for you. Here come the challenge, where should you meet him to make it not so formal and yet fun and interactive? If you are a woman and you are invited for a casual drink, these places will not be the best.

1. Clubbing

It sounds cool and if you are outgoing, this is one of the venue you will suggest. Wait, think again. If this is your 1st time meeting him after messaging him a couple of times, it is better to find a quiet place to know him more in person. Clubbing is not a recommend venue for the 1st date. Save it for later where you can party your heart, if he knows you better. What you read on his profile may not much reflect him, unless you know him in person.

2. Beach

Say that again! Did you mention beach? It sounds romantic but only if you know him better. Are you sure you like to get your feet and shoes soak with sand particle as you chat with him? Beach is a good venue only when you meet him for a few more time. Yes, it will be an awesome setting when you celebrate valentine day with him.


3. Office Nearby Café

It is convenience for him if both of you work in town. However, since this is the first time you are meeting a new friend, you would not like your colleagues or superior to bump into both of you. There is nothing to hide but colleagues being too concern about your single status can start speculating, even when you are not sure the relationship will take off after the 1st date.

4. Concert

A good venue, provided both of you have the same idols where you can dance together without being too formal in the setting. For concert, it is always good if you know his preference. Definitely you can go to a concert with him when your relationship is more stable. In any concert, the attention is on the performer, not him. Imagine if you attend the concert with him on the 1st date, you end up not knowing him but the performer more.


5. Swimming Pool

It is a good venue to cool off on a weekend with friends. Going to swimming pool on 1st date? Forget it, even if you have a slim model figure. It will put both of you in an award position, even if you are a national swimmer. If you propose swimming pool, he will think, you are either a fantastic national swimmer or you have a slim figure. Likewise, if he proposes swimming pool, you think alike too. Both of you will end up admiring each other figure than knowing his inner beauty. Save it for later on appearance.

6. KTV longue

This is a place where you boost your singing power. Not a preferred place to chat and know each other. If there is only 2 of you, none of you will get a chance to talk. It is either you sing duet or a marathon solo singing for hours. Unless you go with friends, where you can catch a few moments to chat with him, otherwise, leave it till you are running out of ideas on where to date

So, where should you go then?

Go somewhere where there is some light crowd but not too remote like in Changi Village where you have a casual setting and you spend a pleasant evening or afternoon chatting about casual topics. Some recommended places to consider are Millennium Walk, Garden by the Bay, Sentosa, or National Art Gallery. The noise level is moderate and it is spacious where you can walk and chat freely.

Dress moderately casual and have fun. Your 1st date is not about impressing others, but rather be yourself to set a comfortable zone for future dates.