Going from Friends to Couple, Why Not?

The biggest deterrent people seem to face when it comes to moving toward a relationship from a pure friendship is rejection. They worry the other person may not reciprocate the feelings, and it may put an end to the friendship builds upon for many years. It is normal to feel embarrassed by admitting your feelings if the other person doesn't feel the same way.

If you do not take a chance to confess, you may regret it later. I rather advise you to risk being embarrassed once rather than not taking a chance at all. After all, if your friendship is solid, this confession will not hurt the friendship too much. If your friend bolts because of this, maybe he isn’t your friend to begin with after all.

A friend won't want to hurt your feelings. If they don't feel the same as you do, they will try not to let you down. You'll talk it through. Yes, it will be awkward for a while, but you will work your way through it as good friends. Do not harbor any disappointment on the rejection and to accept it with an open heart.

1.     Observe His Body Language

When he goes out with you alone or with a group, does he pay special attention to you? Does he tell you the problem he faces? If the answer is a Yes, most probably, he is waiting for you to take some initiatives. He may be uncertain if this is the right move for him to take the initiative. No harm hinting him on several occasions, asking about how he wants his life to be.

2.     No Romantic Setup

When you are ready to confess your feeling to him, never select a romantic place. It makes him feel rather uncomfortable if the outcome is not what you expect. Invite him to where you usually dine and to bring out this topic for his consideration. Ask him, “Have you ever considered me? I just want to know.” Give him time to think and to reassure that regardless of the answers, the root of friendship remains unchanged.

best friends

3.     Be Natural

You are not on a dating event where you are there to impress your partner. He is your friend, whom you know for some time. Be easy with your body language and do not start glazing at him like a stranger. He will not know how to behave and to react on your sudden weird body language and gesture. Do not try to be overly sexy. He knows you long enough and anything extraordinary put him in a difficult spot.

4.     Prepared for the Worst

As much as I hope it will turn out positive, there is always a chance where he is not ready to commit a relationship for various reasons. Do not jump in too quickly for a conclusion. He may be thinking of someone else, having work related problem or other commitment. The more you rush for an answer, the worst it will be. Continue to take him as a friend, if it is a ‘No’. You never know, it will be a ‘Yes’ later when things get sorted out later. It is always a 50-50 chance, whichever way you want to think of it.

Happiness does not come naturally and you should take the first step to make it happen. Not many succeeded in their first time. Some do but you lose out if you do not even take the first initiative.