How to Be Happy Being Single Again?

Research shows that there is no direct connection between happiness and being attached. Most often, we link happiness as being attached and unhappiness being singles. Anyone can be happy, not by theory but by action if you divert your course of action. The 7 Brain cognitive strategy tells you all, without spending money on expensive oversea trip to get happiness.

1. Compliment

Not many of us, honestly speaking, like to compliment others but expect people to praise us. All it takes is for that special someone, (that’s you) to compliment others and not expecting others to praise you. This act begins to make changes from within us and can help us remember how to be happy again. Try saying positive word like ‘That is great. You look different today.”

2. Outdoor Activities

If today is simply not your day and you do not feel like talking to anyone else. Go outdoor and get some sun and fresh air. Look at different scenery or get yourself a cup of coffee. Research shows that sunshine is great for the mood. Even birdsong is being studied as something that helps the brain to produce chemistry of hope and happiness.

 3.  Engage New Hobby

Do you ever feel that life is a routine and nothing interesting cross path your life? Instead of doing what you have been doing, engage in new hobby or activity. This gives the mind a window of opportunity to short circuit the negative and research for happiness. Divert your brain energy to flow in a new direction, to trigger new curiosity and to give the mind a chance to revert towards the happiness direction. Have you tried archery? Do something new.

 friends together

4. Bright Color Object

Ever wonder why some women get excited when they receive flowers? The sender is one reason but the colorful flowers she receives play a bigger role. Human brain is attracted by bright and colorful objects. The color of orange and yellow boost happiness brain chemicals, and flowers are innately understood by our bodies and brains to be messengers that new life and new hope has arrived. When you are upset, try getting yourself some colorful flowers or to decorate your room with bright color.

 5. Happy People

Other people's happiness can "entrain" our energy field. If you are alone, venture into a shopping mall with road show or visit an exhibition where people energy level is high. Research shows that if you mingle with high energy people for 30 minutes, your own energy level improves by at least 20% and you feel more positive and energetic. If you mix with the low energy people, your energy level drops as much to 50%.

 6. Workout

Exercise benefits the body and improves mood by increasing endorphins, which create a sense of well-being. It doesn't really matter what kind of exercise, as long you move your body. If you feel like being social, join a yoga class, Pilates or kickboxing class. Ask a friend to be your workout partner. It gets you to be healthy and it produces more endorphins.

 7. Watch a Movie

It doesn’t matter if you are watching a horror movie, a comical movie or an adventure movie. Watching movie is one good way to divert the ‘unhappiness’ your left brain known as the left prefrontal cortex region that subconsciously plan for you. The trick is to lead your brain to an ‘unrealistic’ world and to let your body experience a new situation, creating cognition within your mind to think differently. At the end of the movie, you will feel more composed that a story has ended and you find yourself more relaxed and grateful.  


Always remember, brain areas involved in ordinary sadness almost completely shut down when someone is clinically depressed. Sadness and depression involve the same brain region, the left prefrontal cortex, in different ways. It gets more active during ordinary sadness, and burns itself out when sadness persists for several months.