How to Beware of Internet Love Scams

The Sunday Times dated 12th Feb 2012, published an article “Online Romeos, Why some women get conned”. This article talks about the danger of being conned online. Anyone can be conned in any online transaction be it on a dating agency, online travel agency or any online e-commerce shopping.

Take note of the 7 measures to prevent yourself being the next victim.

1.Credibility of Dating Online Website

Make sure that the website has its business registration number listed in the public home page. Do not be a FREE member to any website that does not have its registration and contact detail (e.g. e-mail address) listed. Always ensure that all terms and conditions are listed and read through them carefully.

2.No Obligation for Payment

An genuine online dating website does not require any end user to provide any credit card number. Never provide any credit card number when you register to any of this online dating website. Usually a credible website only asks for your credit card if you want to subscribe to any plan. There should not be any deadline as a free member. We recommended you to stay on as a free member before subscribing to any plan.

3.No Contact Detail on Your Profile

Most registered members like to drop some point of contact in the self description such as their e-mail address spelt in various format or drop hints on their social networking platform such as facebook. It is always safer not to include this as unwelcome member may tap on this information and to harass you or to abstract your information for third party marketing purpose. Only leave general description without any point of contact.


4.Study Profile of New Members

Knowing new friends are fun but always take some time to read their profile. Picture may say a thousand words but the self description and other detail provide you with clues on integrity. Look out for inconsistency in their profile and use pre-ext features to know them before writing to them directly. Most of the online dating features provide FREE pre-text feature for you to read.

5.Contact a Member

Most online dating website provide members with subscribe plans to write FREE text to new members. Usually they do not moderate the member content due to privacy. Most subscribe members knowing there is an expiry plan; usually prefer to leave their contact in their dating website inbox. They prefer chatting offline in their own private e-mail address account or their preferred messenger tools (i.e. MSN, FB). This is not encouraged simply because, by using the online dating website inbox, members are protected with an online dating e-mail address and NOT your personal address. You are saved from unnecessary spam e-mail that may flood your inbox.

6.Knowing a Member

Anyone in the profile can be gentle and nice guy. Always be on the alert on anyone who writes to you asking for your bank account  or seeking loans from you. No matter how touching their story can be, it is always safe to refer their request and to report the case to the online dating management team and politely reject them. They will not be able to contact you if you carry out all conversation in the online dating website and NOT on your personal e-mail address. The online dating agency will take care of the rest.

7.Report a Spam

Some members can be a nuisance. If they harass you, you can report them to the online dating management. They will not know who is reporting them. The online dating agency management will usually take action against them, even to suspend their account for further contact with the other members.


There is a limit to what most online dating website can do to prevent abuse. The online dating website management team cannot dwell deep into each member character. Someone that meet all the criteria and pass through various checks may have hidden intention on easy prey.

Safest Way to Make New Friends

“Never leave any personal contact or to drop any hint in your online dating website unless you know them in person very well.”