How To Handle a Conflicting Relationship?

There are times where a relationship may not be heading out into the right path of happiness as you expected. You know a relationship is not just about love and happiness all the time. Have you ever give in to a conflicting situation and to work out a solution later on? It is not about dating couples, but also your personal skills with your family members and friends. It is how you handle it that matters the most. Let me share with you the strategy.

1. Avoid the Blame Game

In certain instances when a conflict arises, we like to play the blaming game. When  something goes wrong, blaming each one is the norm. Do you know that blaming usually does nothing good but harbor ill feelings? A better option is to recognize that both have the responsibility to share the problem and finding ways to fix it. Yes, sometimes, it is not your fault. We are not saying we take the blame but rather have the generosity to solve people problem.


2. Try to Keep Cool

Every time there is an argument, do you keep your cool? At the height of emotions, certain things which is said can be hurtful. When it is said out, it can no longer be taken back. Take a few deep breathes during the argument or try to excuse yourself during the height of the argument. A break from the heated argument can bring objectivity back. Avoiding anger and emotional outbursts. It prevents more ill feelings and animosity from saying hurtful things that were not really meant in the first place.





3. Focus on the Problem

Conflicts arise as a result of problems that come in any relationship. Try to focus on solving the problem and not on the person. Don't say words like "See what I told you. You are just so stubborn." Doing otherwise may be counterproductive and cause each one to keep a defensive stance that prevent them from working together to solve the problem at hand. Just positive statement like, "Let see how we can prevent this from happening again together, dear." Use "We" and not "You" or "I" when you focus on the problem.


4. Learn To Listen

Did you ever listen when a conflict happen? Having a good ear is a good trait to have in a relationship. In an argument or conflict, talking without listening only make things worse than they are. Try to develop your listening skills and learn to listen to what a partner has to say before reacting. Focus on being  objective and look at things not just from your own point of view. When you hear couple arguing, they always say, "Look, I want you to listen." and if the other party keeps pressing for explanation without listening, nothing will be resolved.


No problem in life is a big problem if we bother to listen to what other party has to say. We need not agree with what they say but by listening, it gives them a signal that you are not defending ourselves. This applies not just in relationship but also in workplace with your colleagues and friends.