How to Handle Mother-In-Law?

Ladies, do you have a mother-in-law who is hard to get along? Does she make you feel inferior and inadequate? Most mother-in-laws feel lost when their son moves out. When their son is married, they get offensive if their son sides with their wife more, even though they know they are in the wrong. Not all mother-in-laws are bad. Some of them is quite ‘fun’ to handle. Here are some ways, to get along with your mother-in-law. There is a rating in every category. 1 means "easy to please" whereas 5 means "hard to please".

Type of Mother-in-law

1. Pitiful Type

This type of mother-in-law has a flair of acting skill. They like to be pitiful in front of their son. If your husband is soft and ‘light’ on the ears, you need to gather evidence. Record all the nasty things she says. Show it to your husband back in the room and tell him, you are enduring these nonsense all the while. Warn him that if you cannot take it anymore, you will move out. Rating: 3

2. Aggressive Type

This type of mother-in-law always insists in her way of doing things. Going strong against her will make you weaker. Rather, let her have her ways. If her method works, keep quiet. If it does not work, bring it up to her in a justice manner, ‘blaming’ yourself of not telling her what is right. Be the bad guy and make her feel guilty but at the same time, not embarrassing her openly. Rating: 4

3. Nagging Type

This type of mother-in-law is a pain. They just like to nag to get your attention, especially after you are tired after a day of work. They just want someone to talk and to vent their frustration. Sign up some senior citizen flowery or cooking class at the nearest community centre. Keep them busy with community activities and free talks. Expose them outwards so that they will not nag in the home. Rating: 3

4. Homely Type

This type of mother-in-law is not hard to please. They expect the wife to be 100% house maker, sweeping the floor, cooking dinner, washing the cloth and going to markets. If you are the workaholic type, ask them for allowance to buy daily grocery if they want you to be unemployed. Rather, if you work, give them allowance or bring them out for a good meal over the weekend. They will appreciate you to work out. Rating: 1

mother in law

5. Extended Family Type

This type of mother-in-law wants an extended family. They prefer many grandchildren to stay in the same roof. Are you someone that needs privacy? Forget about moving out on a couple romantic world. In a big family, create your own privacy in your room. Although the living room now seems to be a ‘public’ space for the rest of your family members, it is not the end yet. Go for a holiday trip once in a while with your spouse to enjoy the privacy and quietness. Sometimes, old people like to live with more people. They are very ‘people’ person. Rating: 2

6. Accepting Type

This type of mother-in-law is the best kind, who are approachable and friendly. They treat their daughter-in-law just like good sister. You just need to share with them your hobbies or tag them along when there is a promotion of anything that interest you. She will be happy to come along. Feel free to share the branded bag that you buy. She will be happy to share with you some of the beauty tips. Get her into your circle of female friends once in a while for shopping or hairdo. Rating 1

7. Thrifty Type

This type of mother-in-law is rather tricky to handle. If you encounter a mother-in-law that saves on everything and nagging you to be thrifty, stop buying lavish goods for her. Eat plain porridge in front of her for dinner. If you want to enjoy better lifestyle, go for an extravagant trip at your own expenses. You need not tell her the exact cost and if she asks, tell her it is a company paid business trip, so she will not feel the pinch. Instead give her allowance to satisfy her own spending habits. If she sees that you are thrifty and you give her allowance, she will stop picking on how wasteful you are. Rating: 2

mother in law

8. Chatty Type

This type of mother-in-law is fun to handle. Unlike the nagging type, chatty type likes to ask a lot of question such as “How is your work today?” or “Do you like the dinner I cook tonight?” They are over concern about you and how they see themselves. The more you answer them, the more questions they will ask you. How to cut short the conversation then? Try to answer a one word question either a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ with a soft tone, to avoid being misunderstand as rude. If not, throw back the question to them such as ‘what do you think?’ Their questions will be reduced as time goes by. Rating: 1

Having a tough mother-in-law is not hard to handle. When you marry his son, be mentally prepared you must also love his mother. Partially, you are also marrying his mother into your life. She spends the whole life fending her son, and it is normal for her to feel the lost if her son is with another much younger woman, that’s you. You will feel the same, when your son grows up, get married and your husband passed away, leaving you all alone in this world.