How I Meet Her on Dating Apps?

This is a story of two strangers who met online, least expected they got married one day. It happened rather coincidentally all started from a dating mobile application.  

Joe, 31, was a junior bank manager. He worked in Raffles place and his Friday was none other but his usual koptiam for dinner before he headed home. It was a usual Friday evening. He was not the party type, went home and watched his favourite Friday night drama, SuperGirl.

He did not have too many friends, perhaps a few female friends, mostly attached or married. On that night, while he took the train home, he saw a train poster that promoted a dating website. It was a free download. Feeling bored, he downloaded the application for fun, not really paying much attention of meeting anyone. He tried a few apps previously and it often ended with no outcome after a few chats.

Nothing happened for the next 3 weeks, until one night, he received a message from this app. The message read, 'Hi, saw your profile. Care to introduce?" He replied just with a 1 word answer, 'good'. There was no photo on her profile and Joe thought, it was probably some joke or a prank.




The same lady texted him again, 1 week later. This time, she said, 'If you are given a million dollar, will you use it to buy better health or build more wealth?' Joe was rather surprise by her question. He answered, 'health'. Immediately, she replied, 'Meet me at Somerset MRT 7pm tonight, if you like to know who I am."

Joe found her rather interesting and courageous to meet a stranger without knowing him much.

Should he meet her? He was thinking.

Later that evening, he decided to meet her. He texted her through the application when he arrived. To his surprise, what appeared in front of him was an old lady in her 70s.

'Are you Joe?" the old woman asked.

'Yes, you are ... " Joe said.

'Come with me. I am not Celest but I bring you to meet her. She just had an operation and she is waiting at the other end.' The old woman said.

It was crowded at the MRT station but Joe was not afraid. He followed the old woman to a corner cafe, across two streets. The old woman nearly tripped along the pavement and Joe helped her. The old woman left him in a cafe nearby. 'You wait here.' She said and disappeared.

Joe sat at the empty bench. This time, another message from the dating app appeared. Celest replied, 'I saw you, haha.' He sat there for close to an hour before deciding to leave.

As he stood up, ready to leave, a lady in her early 30s appeared before him. She had a fair complexion, shoulder length hair, rather slim with a decent glass. 'You are Joe", she asked. 'Thanks for coming. I am Celest, the no photo profile lady in the dating app.'

Joe asked for the identity of the old woman. She replied, "She is my grandma. I am testing if you date girl base on looks. My grandma said you were patient with a kind heart. You waited me for 60 mins. I tried this trick on other guys on the dating app. All of them left seeing an old woman or none waited for more than 60 mins. I think you are a trusted friend."




Joe suddenly realised, it was a trap. He was not angry but bought her and the old woman, her grandma, who suddenly appeared, for a drink. Her grandma left shortly after, reminding Celest to call her when she was done. Both Joe and Celest talked for a while.

Both exchanged mobile contact. This was where their dating relationship started. Celest's mother died of cancer when she was 10. Celest was brought up by her grandma. After 3 years of courtship, Joe proposed to Celest. On the eve of proposal, Joe asked Celest, "Why do you asked me, if I would spend a million on wealth or health?"

Celest smiled and told him, "I need a life partner that sees health more than the wealth. If you answered wealth, we would not have met. I found you."