How to Move from Friends to Couple?

Having a crush with someone but you are hesitant to say it? Being friends for years and you do not know how to develop further into a couple relationship? There are many such cases where relationship fails to work out. I share with you 5 methods on how you move from  friendship to courtship. If you think it is time to move on, do not let it stay at friendship stage. Move on to the next level.

1. Ask Open Ended Questions

If you are interested to develop beyond friendship, do not rush by asking him or her, "can you be my boy/girl friend?" It is too direct. Rather, try something like, "Are you open to develop more than friends?" Put it in a informal and casual setting. Not everyone likes direct question. If they answer yes, good for you and cherish this relationship. If the answer is a strict 'No" or they say, "Let's be friends now", do not despair. Do not break the friendship just because the answer is negative.

2.  Show Concern on Their Family Members

If you happen to meet their family members by chance on a social gathering, show their parents extra concern and attention. Introduce yourself to them. If you have the chance to meet them again, try to remember their taste, likes (e.g. like to eat curry) or birthday. If you meet them again, bring along a simple gift as a kind gesture. Leave a good impression on them. Their parents will know your presence and they hint their children to consider you if their children are still single and not attached.


3. Meet Often for Casual Dinner

Being close friend, you meet them once a while for dinner. Why not move a step further by having regular meal together after work? Instead of a casual meet up, turn it to a informal date and share common topics. You can ask them about their preferred future lifestyle or family life as a topic of conversation. This is one way to understand them further beyond the common interest both of you shared in the past and presence.

4. Spend Time on Festive Occasion

Nothing is more memorable than spending quality time with them on festive occasion or on their birthday. It makes you more prominent among their other friends. If they have no activity on these dates, ask them out for a causal meeting. You can continue to pay dutch. Your presence will make them feel that you are always available.

5. Ask them on Their Ideal Partner Criteria

This can be tricky but if you put it correctly, it is like any other normal conversation. If you are to say casually, "How do you want your ideal partner to be?" or "What is the thing you like your ideal partner to have?" , more likely they will share with you. If you reveal your past failed relationship to them and they showed concern. It shows that they care. If they share with you theirs, it is a good chance to drop the hint further. Sometimes we are only comfortable moving to a relationship if we know about each other failed relationship.

Do not despair if your friendship does not turn out to be couple relationship. Not all friends can be couple. Some opposite gender friends stay as friends forever. It is the chemistry and common hobbies that put both of them together. If this one does not work out, it is meant for the next one.