How to Spot An Office Romance?

Look around you in the office and you will be surprise how some colleague behave when they are together. Some colleagues are open in their relationship whereas others keep it behind closed doors. How do you spot those behind close door then? Rather interesting to read on. Who knows, you can spot one secret couple the next day you are in the office.

1. They Avoid Eye Contact

When he was hired and he met her in the staff pantry, both chatted for a while on work. Gradually they are cordial and became lunch buddy. They clicked well as colleagues. Everything seemed normal until one day when they are extremely formal with each other. They barely make eye contact in public anymore. When you catch them in the staff pantry again, she blushes and he looks pale. Both suddenly leave the pantry to their work station.

2. They Announced Their Departure

"I am leaving office now, heading home to watch a drama." She announced loudly, making sure everyone in the office heard it. On the other side, he answered just as loud, "See you tomorrow. I am meeting my ex-colleagues for a meal." You got a small office, and most employees leave work around the same time. However for some odd reason, both of them make it a point of letting everyone know they are leaving separately.

3. They have Tons of Overtime

They are always the first to volunteer for overtime. They used to leave on time to enjoy lives outside work separately when they were just colleague. Recently, they are the last to leave. In fact, you have no idea what time they are leaving. You have a life outside the office and you go home. They have their own private moment at the office or go somewhere else. No one knows.

4. You Feel Like You're Invading a Private Party

You printed some documents and you went to the printing room. Both of them happen to be there. She was furiously brushing her hair and he was waiting for his documents to be printed. Lately they seem to download the same movies and application on their mobile phone. They started sharing endless string of insider jokes and gossips. Somehow, you seem like invading to their private party. You are not part of their gang.  

5. They Showing Up in the Same Places

When you first found him in her workstation, you thought nothing about it. After a while you realized that if you wanted to find one, all you had to do is to find the other. If they are both missing, you check the pantry or the vacant meeting room. Over the weekend, you see them hanging in the same shopping mall. You ask them and they say they meet coincidentally. They will either say, they shop alone or to wait for their friends.

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 6. They Defend Each Other

Employees enjoy the freedom to engage in lively debate. They are confident and skilled, and everyone knows it's nothing personal if an idea doesn't float. Recently at the last planning meeting, she makes a suggestion that it is immediately shot down by others. Nothing unusual there; this happens all the time, to everyone. However when he adamantly defends her position beyond any logic, and then challenge the rest to re-consider her suggestion, it means something.

7. Their Vacation and Sick Days Coincide

The first time both of them took annual leaves at the same time, you thought it was just a coincidence. By the third time, you see a trend. They call in sick or absent on the same day. In fact, if one of them is on sick leave, the other is either on urgent leave, or caught up with some 'family issue'. None of them are reporting to work.

8. They Change Their Taste

He likes spicy food and she does not. When you go out with them for lunch as a group, both order their preferred food separately. Strangely in recent days, you realize, there is a change of taste and preference. She begins to like spicy food. When you ask her, she finds some excuse she wants to try something new or he changes his taste not to take spicy food and to follow her taste. There is a shift in their lifestyle to replicate the others.

9. They Both Look Great

She was always pretty, but there used to be days when it looked like she forgot to iron her blouse or comb her hair. Now her makeup is always perfect. She wears stylish new outfits. He was a good-looking guy, but he gained weight. Now he starts jogging at lunchtime, and instead of eating his usual fish and chips, he eats green. "Need to stay healthy lah" he says, patting his shrinking belly. Then she starts jogging too, and they both end up in the same fitness center. Coincidence?

10. Their Office Doors Are Always Closed

He is one of those "open office door" kind of guys. His assistant run in and out of his office  constantly, bringing him files and the documents to sign. Nowadays, however, the files and documents are place in a tray outside the office. His office door is closed and sometimes locked. He must be in closed-door meetings a lot, but the only person he ever seems to be in closed-door meetings with is her. The subject of those meeting is so confidential and serious and what you seem to hear is the rustle of papers, furniture creaking, and an occasional giggle.

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 12. They Disappear at the Same Time

There is a company function. It is a cool idea to get all colleagues off site for a fun day. Everyone has a lot of fun spending the day in the park. At the site on that day, two of your employees didn't feel well that day. They were the ones. "I ate too many deep fried food," he moaned, holding his stomach. "I must have gotten too much sun," she whispered, looking like she might faint. Everyone left them behind and didn't really think about them. In the middle of the event, both disappear.

14. They Extend Their Deadline

They take longer time to finish their deadline, often asking for extension. Out of a sudden, they become busy but no one knows what are they doing. They keep asking for trivial information which does not contribute much to their assignment and projects. They make several revision and amendment to their work, often saying they need time to check on the data integrity.

15. You Get an Invitation to the Wedding

It comes as a surprise. You receive the invitation and the wedding invitation is well printed on thick, creamy paper. Suddenly those meaningful glances, private jokes, clumsy efforts they made to pretend nothing was going on, the common interest and the coincidental days off -- it all makes sense.

The whole mystery is solved. You accept the wedding invitation with delight. Weddings are fun, and who knows? Maybe you'll meet someone interesting at their reception, if you are still single.