I Love You The Way You Love Me

Loving someone is more than watching a love movie or spending hours on the phone chatting away. Sometimes our little action can trigger unnecessary quarrel or misunderstanding. It is not intentional but they see it as intentional. Little thoughts and allowing some personal space can prolong the relationship to be stronger and sweeter. Have you done the correct things?  

 Treating Him ...

  1. Do not always pick on his bad habits, insult or criticize him. All men have ego. They do really mind when you are not around.
  2. Be independent in your thoughts. Do not always say 'anything' when he asks you for your preference.
  3. Do not expect him to call you immediately for trivial matters. If he does not answer your call or text you, he must be busy with something or his phone battery is flat. Do not jump into conclusion that he refuses to answer your call.
  4. Do not always ask him if he loves you. It is the action that matters not the empty words.
  5. Have a generous heart. Do not criticize his relatives or siblings profession or education level.
  6. Be more humorous in your speech.
  7. Do not quarrel over small matters (e.g. who should pay the bill, or why is he late?)
  8. Do not always suspect him. Trust is the foundation to lasting relationship.
  9. Pay the bill sometimes. Do not expect him to pay for all your bills.
  10. Do not insist and remind him to have your photo in his wallet or mobile phone. He knows what to do.
  11. Do encourage him with positive words when he is stress up with work.
  12. Do not complain that he does not spend time with you over the weekend, and instead spending the weekend over his favorite soccer or basketball. He has his own hobbies. He is not your pet.
  13. Do not insist him to remember all the important dates such as the date you hold hands, or the date you first watch movie. It is not important.
  14. Be hygiene and neat. Tidy up your house and room when he drops by over the weekends.
  15. Cook a decent meal for him over the weekend. Take note of what he likes to eat.
  16. Have a kind heart. Care for the elderly if you see them crossing the street.
  17. Have curious heart.
  18. Stay positive in your thoughts and be his coach and mentor.
  19. Care for his parents and grandparents.
  20. Make him a special card or handicraft work on his birthday, Valentine Day or Christmas Day. Do not just buy off the shelve.


Treating Her ...

  1. Be energetic and positive in your life. She needs a man that can encourage her when she is upset.
  2. Be neat in your dress code. No lady wants a man that looks like a 70 years old uncle.
  3. Have shining black hair. Apply gel or hair lotion, if you need.
  4. Do some cooking and help her with the housework (e.g. washing the plates, cutting onions)
  5. Be humorous in your speech
  6. Do not send spam text message. Be creative in your own love message
  7. Care for her but do not over text her with too many love messages in a day. They are empty words. Put it into actions.
  8. Do not expect her to report you her whereabouts every day (e.g. which colleagues she lunch everyday). She will tell you naturally.
  9. Spend time watching TV with her over the weekend.
  10. Share the success and improvement in life.
  11. Wash your cloth and wash hers as well.
  12. Give her some pocket money.
  13. Visit her friends or family members once in a while. You need to walk into her life, not just herself.
  14. Understand her weaknesses and constantly encourage her.
  15. When she is tired of work, tell her, you take care of her for life.
  16. After work, massage her shoulder. Make her feel you are there for her.
  17. Treat her parents and siblings with respect.
  18. Do not spend too much time with your guy friends at pub without her around.
  19. Take a day off when she is unwell and accompany her to see a doctor.
  20. Give her pleasant surprise on her birthday or festive season (e.g. Christmas Day).

It does not cost much to show your partner more concern. All it takes is the effort. Do not take their tolerance and existence for granted. Sometimes what seems to be a joke to you, can hurt a relationship or end a relationship. We only know it too late. Hateful words cannot be erased over time but sweet touching words stay in their heart forever.

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