I Want To Marry a Wealthy Man

This is a story about a young lady, who married a wealthy man. She thought her life would be happy and complete until she found out that it was a different world altogether. Her husband failed to protect her and his parent ill-treated her for being barren. She only found a new life at 39 on her second marriage.  

Cindy was a sweet 21 years old lady. She was pleasant looking, with shoulder length hair, round big eyes and pleasant sweet voice. She had a dream to marry a wealthy man before 25 and to live life happily ever after. She wanted to be a rich ‘tai tai’. After her graduation from Republic Polytechnic, she applied for a civil servant job in one Ministry. She got the job as a junior executive.

Cindy had a boyfriend when she was studying at Republic Polytechnic. She broke up with him after she found a job in the Ministry. Cindy worked her way up from a junior executive to a senior executive. Her senior position required her to meet several top management directors, including members of the parliament (MP). In 2011, she got the chance to work with Thomas who worked as a permanent secretary for one of the Ministers.

Due to several joint projects, both Cindy and Thomas needed to meet and to work late most of the time. Cindy felt in love with him after several meetings. Knowing he came from a rich family background, she took several initiatives to date him. Both went into courtship and after 2 years, they got married. As Cindy expected, both lived with his parents at 7th Avenue Street, a landed property where most wealthy businessmen lived.

marriage couple

Thomas’s father was a former MP and a director for one listed company while his mother was a renowned lawyer. Thomas has 1 elder brother and 1 elder sister. Both got married with 1 daughter each. After a year of marriage, Thomas parents wanted Cindy to have a baby son. Cindy tried very hard and during one medical checkup, she found out she was barren. She could not give birth. Thomas parents were very upset by the news and they started blaming Cindy for not giving them any grandson. Thomas parents started showing unhappiness on everything Cindy did at home. They demanded a monthly allowance of S$1500 from Cindy. As a result, Cindy personal salary was cut drastically by 50%.

Thomas’s career took a downside turn that year when the Ministry was restructuring and he reported to a new demanding boss. At home, Cindy was made to do most of the housework, even though they hired a maid to take care of the housekeeping. Several times, Cindy broke down to Thomas on her unhappiness. Thomas did not do much to comfort and protect her. Instead he blamed Cindy for not being honest that she was barren before the marriage. Cindy was hurt by this accusation and she not aware of her own condition then.

Cindy dream of being a ‘wealthy tai tai’ crashed. She did not tell her parents about this and this continued for several years. Unable to take the stress anymore, she filed for a divorce at 36. She later got re-married to an auditor at 39 and lived a simple life in a 4 rooms HDB flat.

Morale of the story: It is not wrong to marry someone wealthy. To love someone, it goes beyond the physical wealth and status. Understanding someone from the heart is more important. This is one exceptional case but it is definitely not the only case.