Knowing Your Partner Beyond Looks

Quite often, anyone interested in you will paint the best picture of themselves, to stay attractive. They will target you as the top priority. Nothing in life matters more than what they set their eyes on. That can be both a wonderful and dangerous things. Love always start from super sweetness to gradual sweetness and then boring. However, that does not mean it spells the end of relationship. How do you know if he is the one for you?

1.  Spending Habits

Other than the first few dates where your partners (mostly guys) buy you good meals and send you memorable gifts or drive you to and fro from work, you need to ask yourself, does he cultivate the habit of saving? How much does he save in a month? Does he invest every single cent he earns in stocks and shares? Someone who saves is always someone that has a plan for future and he is more trustworthy.

2.  Role to Play

When things go wrong, how does your partner reacts? Is he or she someone that likes to control others? There is a very successful lady in her late 30s. She is the CEO of one MNC company with over 300 staff. However, she forgets to change her role when she is out of office. She literally uses the same tone in office on her husband. In less than 3 years, she ends up in a divorce. Is your partner able to differentiate colleagues with spouse?  

3.   Nuclear or Extended Family

Is your partner from a single-parent family, an extended or nuclear family? Is he or she the eldest or the youngest? Study shows that the elder takes more responsibility while the youngest is the most well taken care. We need to look beyond their family ranking. Rather, the one that helps to bring the siblings together with family gathering and activities is someone that will take care of spouse and next of kin. For those that are brought up in a single parent family, they are highly independent and successful. In relationship, most of them may have reservation although they are also looking for trustworthy relationship.


4. Goals In Life

Is your partner someone that is happy with what he is doing now? Does he have any big dreams that he wants to pursue? Of course, whatever dreams that we pursue must be realistic and workable. There is always a gap between having big dreams but not workable and a dream which is more realistic. Which one is your partner dreaming to be? His realistic measurement will be the best indication.

5.  Personality

That goes without saying. Everyone wants someone who is kind, friendly, filial, generous and etc. Look beyond his strength and weaknesses. Not all weakness are bad nor strength are noble. I know someone who is intelligent and capable. However he uses his intelligence in the wrong way. He abuses the trust of his girlfriend and uses her supplementary credit card to finance his investment. Her girlfriend works in a finance industry and she earns more. He uses her as his ‘personal banker’. As a result, his girlfriend has to work extra hard to pay off his debt. So, ladies and gentlemen, not all good habits are bonus. Likewise, not all weakness is bad. Measure them well against their ethics and what they choose to believe in.


Knowing someone goes beyond checking his cell phone or wallet for females photos and message. It takes time and effort to understand his lifestyle from observation. It is a challenge if you are looking for everlasting relationship. First impression counts but if you are blinded by love at first sight, danger breeds along the way.