A Long Waited Love

As the old saying goes, true love takes time to nurture. Indeed, in this story about John and Jane (their fake name), their relationship only grew stronger after a series of ordeal. No one expected this to happen but it did, not always in their favour.  

John and Jane met each other in the workplace. They were colleague from different department. Jane was a senior manager in HR whereas John was an executive in Product Development. Initially, they did not see their position in the company as a barrier. As their relationship went public, tongue among the colleagues started wriggling. There was rumour that John used Jane to climb the corporate ladder.

Couple Hold Hands

They dated for a 2 years and they agreed to settle down. Jane accepted John proposal. However, when Jane’s family members came to know about the marriage, they were much against it, for 2 reasons, John’s father was a drug addict, still serving a sentence. His younger sister suffered from down symptom. Jane’s parents were concerned he could not provide a better life for Jane.

Worried that Jane married John, Jane’s parents arranged matchmaking session and persuaded her to leave John for her own good. They recommended Tom, a successful businessman whom they knew from a distant relative. The chemistry was not there initially but Tom was aggressive to get her attention. They started as friends and progressed to lovers for another 2 years. Tom spent time with her. He even paid for her family holiday.  

One day, Jane was moved by Tom sincerity and she accepted his proposal. Meeting John for the last time, she told him, “He proposed last night and I accepted. So sorry. Let’s have a clean break.”

Tom and Jane planned to get married. Both parents supported the marriage. John did not give up but he gave her the blessing nevertheless. He left his job and worked for a different company.

Two weeks before her marriage, she drove to the bridal shop to collect her wedding gown. The car brake somehow fail to stop and the car skidded and hit a lamp post. Her eyes was cut by the smashing glass and her head bleed. She survived but went on a coma. Her wedding was cancelled and Tom stood by her side. He hired the best doctor, consult the best optician. The coma lasted for some 6 months. Tom was deeply depressed, until one day, he was offered an overseas appointment and he decided to leave Jane. With a heavy heart, he bid farewell to Jane and her parents and never returned again.

Car Accident

When John knew she was in a coma, he visited her, often sneaked in and spoke to her by the hospital bed. This went on until the day she woke up from the coma. Much to her dismay, she found she could not see. Feeling hurt, she was determined to move on life independently. She adapted a new life in the world of darkness, recuperating at home and temporary working in a charity organisation to support herself.  

Things turned for the better and hospital called one day to inform Jane, there was an eye donor.  Jane accepted and went for operation. It was a success and within a few months, she regained one eyesight. She was excited and she could not wait to meet John. However, John was nowhere to be found. He could not be contacted. His Facebook was removed. There was no trace of him.

Jane thought, he might have move on with his life, perhaps settled down with a family.

With one good eyesight, she found a clerical job in a city and start working all over again. One evening, on her way back from work, she saw a blind man holding a walking stick, trying to cross the road. Seeing he was rather helpless and it was raining badly, she covered him across the road. He thanked her and left.

Hold Hands

Strangely, Jane felt a strong sentiment when she held him across. She took a good look and realised the blind man was John. They had a good chat and it was then that Jane realised, John donated 1 eye cornea to her, not wanting her to live in darkness. John lived with one eye.

Both of them did not part then till the day they died.