Loyalty in Marriage

When a newly web couple made a vow, it is for life. The question is, how lasting is the vow as they see each other day and night. Recently, we heard about politician being asked to step down because of extra-marital affair with another married woman. This is not the first time and this will not be the last time. Media aims at him for being unfaithful. Should he be the culprit?

There are many such cases happening in the society often not being blown up by the media. When it happens, who is to be blame? It takes two hands to clap and it definitely take two parties to strike a relationship. How can couple sustain a strong marriage even after 30 years? Is sex everything in a marriage?

1. Trust

Trust brings two people together. Couple build stronger trust when 1st child is born. It is further developed when children grow up. However, as time goes by, do couple take trust for granted and try out new adventure? We see trust during courtship, for the first 5 years of marriage. Do couple maintain the same level of trust after 5 years or has it being diluted with temptation?



2. Simplicity

This is a easy word but not easy to live with it. Wealth often compromise simplicity with complication. As wealth grows bigger, do couple forgo simplicity with luxury and in the process seek more complicated relationship outside the circle of marriage? Do we replace simplicity with lust and pleasure? To safeguard marriage, simplicity should remain in the onset and till the last breath. Complication kills and makes relationship more difficult to handle. It makes relationship fragile allowing cracks in between.

3. Verbal Lust

Our body is condition to temptation and pleasure. Indeed newly web couple enjoy the process of lust. It is unlikely to enjoy lust the same way a newly couple experience compared to a couple married for more than 20 years. What is the difference then? It is no longer the body contact but rather how the heart speaks on each other. The experience is different. It is no longer the sensation but the proximity of how one feels in the flow of time just being together in good and bad time. Everlasting couple speak on verbal lust rather than physical lust.


4. Respect

From the first day couple meet, they have high respect, wonderful courtesy. When they are married, couple air their views and perhaps agree to disagree respectfully. When children are older, social network widen, are couple holding the initial respect the same way or rather with a strong sense of personal opinion? Marriage breaks down when one party lost total respect and one party expects his or her views to be heard first. Respect lost its importance and control to who speaks first.

5. Communication

No marriage can last without communication. A couple can choose not to say a word to ensure peace in the home. As time goes by, the unspoken word can easily lead to suspicion, mistrust and even betrayal. The heart is no longer open to dialogue. The mind starts to wonder new targets and life starts to drift apart. Even with communication, a non sincere word can easily become cold, harsh or even ignorance. Courtesy communication with a 'thank you' connects two hearts together. It melts the coldness, the mistrust and suspicion between couple.


In the west, couples in their 70s hold hands on the streets. This is a great testament of marriage. Long lasting marriage goes beyond then the 3 simple word, I love You'. It is communicated with trust, simplicity, respect and verbal lust to stay together. Without them, couple open the door to new sin, to new journey which can be hurtful for the children and their future.