A Man Body Language

Making new friends with opposite gender especially men sometimes takes a bit of courage, for the ladies. Body language is a subconscious way of giving himself away. Here is the trick. If a guy does more good body signs than bad signs, there is always a possibility that he is attracted to you.

However, always be careful when interpreting body language. If you lean too close to a guy, he may think you are too aggressive or invading his personal space. In case he is uneasy, apologize and put an ample distance between the two of you. That sends him a message that you are sincere and caring. A guy who seems to appear to be really close to you may mean that he is just a friendly guy, or if he crosses his arms then it probably because he is shy.

I share with you 7 positive and 12 negative body language a guy tends to behave.

Men 7 Positive Body Language:

1.    Maintain good eye contact
Looking at his eyes is one of the easiest ways to check if he is interested in you. If his eyes look friendly and show sincerity to you, then getting along with him is not a problem. Do keep your conversation going.

2.    Legs Slightly Apart
Standing with legs slightly apart makes him appear taller, hotter, and more attractive. If he does this to you, then he is probably trying to catch your attention.

3.    Twirls his hair
Don’t think only girls twirl their hair. Guys do by combing their hair (especially above the ear) using their fingers. That is a sign of attraction.

4.    His smile is wide open
If he smiles widely, even showing the laugh lines then he is genuinely fascinated or attracted to you. Some guys smile to show their dimples to make them look cute.

5.    Touch his face, cheeks, or lips gently
Sometimes, a guy would touch his face, especially his lips, to show interest and attraction. Some would even interpret this as a sexy way for the guy to imagine how good if you kiss him on the lips.

6.    Leans towards you
We all have our personal spaces, but we tend to disregard them when we are with our loved ones. If a guy leans towards you, he wants to be receptive to you. He wants to hint that you are welcome in his personal space and he hopes that you do the same.

7.    Roll-up his sleeves or unbutton his shirt or jacket
He feels comfortable towards you and he expects you to be casual and informal to him.

body language

Men 12 Negative Body Language:

1.    Piercing eye contact
If he stares at you and you feel creepy about it, then it would be best not to continue your date or to cut short the conversation.

2.    Tend to look away
This may show insincerity on his part, or probably he may just be shy. Some guys may follow certain cultures about not staring too much at another person while conversing. Keep the conversation going to see if he response beyond a yes or no answer. That will provide some clues.

3.    Constantly looks around while you are talking
This is a sure sign that is disinterested towards you, even to a point that he looks around for someone or a means to end the conversation quickly.

4.    Nodding too much while you are talking
He is probably not listening to what you are saying. However, you can also say that he may have a short attention span. You can gauge it by asking him about his thoughts. If he says ok or no comment, there is a tendency he is not listening or he is not interested in your topics.

5.    Crosses his arms or legs
Crossing arms is a sign of being defensive. This simply means that he is not yet open towards you, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he doesn’t like you. Look out for other body language to ascertain your judgment.

6.    Shove his hands in his pockets
Like crossing arms, this is also a sign of being defensive. However, it can also mean that he is not interested about the conversation or date.

7.    Firmly puts his finger on his chin or lips
Doing so is an indication that he is evaluating or criticizing you in his thoughts.

8.    Putting his chin on his hand
If he leans his chin on his hand as if he is attending Business Ethics class, then he is totally bored either with your or with the date.

9.    Putting out a thin, forced smile
Smiling cannot be faked. Even if he smiles at you, as long as it is insincere, his smile would look thin and forced.

10.    Shifting the weight on his legs
This shows that he is uncertain on how he would feel for you. It can also mean that he is simple nervous about talking to you.

11.    Rub the back of his neck
If he shows moves like this then it means the guy is tired. He could either be tired from the work that he had before the date, or he could be tired because of the date or the conversation.

12.    Constantly playing with his lighter or pen
He could either be bored or nervous about the date. Try asking him about his interests to loosen him up.

Good Luck in your networking.