A Married Man’s Lover

Nobody likes to be involved in ex-martial affair. When it comes to this messy relationship, who should we put the blame on? This is a story which tells a promising lady who landed up with a married man, only to be devoted to him without expecting anything in return. Is she foolish or should we sympathize her plight?

Sally was a secondary school teacher. She was 29, single, a quite lady with a decent look and shoulder length hair. She taught Mathematics to upper secondary students and she devoted all her life to her students. Both Sally and Irene were good university classmates and close friends. Both shared the same dream job as teacher as their career. Irene married young at age 25 with her first child at 27. Over the weekend, Irene would ask Sally out for a drink at pubs and introduced guys to Sally but she rejected them all.

Sally had only one boyfriend in her university days but they broke up. Concerning about her future, Irene signed up several dating package without informing Sally. Sally attended some and again she rejected all of them.

“They are not suitable for me.” Sally would tell Irene after every dating event.

Sally continued spending her time with her students until one day; she saw a new dance studio opening near the school where she taught. There was a promotion package and out of curiosity, she signed up for a 3 months elementary dancing class package. Sally was a hardworking student and she picked up the basic steps fast. The male dancing instructor was impressed.  

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Gradually, Sally developed a passion in dancing. She stayed back after the dancing class, discussing dancing steps with his male instructor. At times, the dance instructor took her out for supper as a form of rewarding her for the hard work and to send her home. 2 months passed and Sally came close to this instructor. She developed a liking for him. On one weekend, she volunteered to spend a night with him, even knowing he was married with 2 children.

He wanted to keep his marriage clean and he advised Sally several times to look for a better man outside. Sally refused to listen, continued to call him late in the night and to proceed to the next level of dancing lesson, just to be with him more often. She purposely stayed late after every dancing class, just to spend time with him.

Irene, her close friend, came to know about this and she advised Sally to stop attending the dancing class. Sally refused. On one late night, both had oral sex in his dancing studio when the rest of the students left. Sally wanted to marry him and pressured him to leave his present wife. Both continued to see each other. Some 6 months later, Sally got pregnant. She told him the news and he gave her some monies. He promised to take care of her but no promise of marrying her.

A few months later, the instructor closed up the dancing studio and he migrated with his wife and the 2 children to Taiwan. Sally was left behind all by herself. She quit her teacher job and gave birth to a baby girl despite advice from her parents and Irene to abort the child and to start anew. She chose to become a single mother, hoping he would come back for their child one day. Her parents drove her out for being stubborn and a disgrace to the family.     

Renting a flat by herself, she worked full time as tutor to finance her daily need and to take care of her baby girl. Sally did not get married again. She chose to devote her life for him, hoping he would return to her side one day. It never happened.  

Moral of the story: Never expect any commitment from someone married.