My 2016 New Year Resolution

Every time the clock strikes 2359 hours, we will reflect what we did well before moving to a new year. If you are in a good relationship, this is another year where you should be planning for BTO flat. If you are still single, try something different to expand your social network. These are 6 methods you can consider. It can work for you.

1. Keep Slim and Fit

If you are slim enough, time to tone up your complexion for ladies and muscles for guys. As the saying goes, first impression on appearance always set the conversation going. If you have excess fats on your belly, trim them off. You need not be great bodybuilder but at least, do not let the fats bounce when you run. It looks awful. As much as you expect the opposite sex to look sexy and attractive, for them to look upon you, make your body looks attractive to them.

asia couple

2. Brush Up Your English

You need not speak Queen English but a better manner accent will make you look better. Singlish is not preferred when you meet new friends. Most of us use English but you are welcome to speak in mother tongue. Just remember, speak decent and do not swallow your words, even if you are nervous. Forget about deep vocabulary. Speak something everyone understands. Do not flaunt your accent and please, do not contaminate it with dialects or vulgarity. Language reflects a lot on your character.

3. Tone Down Your Expectation

Thinking you will meet your princess or prince? Tone it down and focus on just making new friends. Unless you look like Tom Cruise or Jennifer Aniston, put aside appearance and get to know them first. Both Tom Cruise and Jennifer Aniston are also ordinary people, until they do makeup on TV screen. They can be a star, if they spend time on makeup. Spend time to know their inner beauty first.

social media

4. Improve on Your Knowledge

You need not be a professor but it helps if you are well versed with wider general knowledge. You need not speak on politics or economics to impress someone. Focus on what you are good in and get more in-depth on the content. When you are running out of general topic, this is where you can impress them on what you know best. Of course, if the other party shows no interest, cut it short.

5. Be Active in Social Network

Selfie is becoming more popular. Keep your social network active by posting nice photos of yourself with friends. Download photo application which makes your photos look younger and brighter. You need some publicity on yourself. Posting ‘selfie’ or ‘wefie’ brings up your exposure. It is an indirect way of telling social media friends to pay more attention on your whereabouts. Keep your status in social media as ‘single’ rather than attached or engaged, if you are not one. You need not be too concern about your ‘single’ status too much. Keep it ‘single’ helps to attract personal message from opposite gender for a casual chat.

couple selfie

6. Try Various Dating Websites

Some dating website works whereas other do not. However, it does not hurt much to create an account to know more social friends. Most of the dating websites are free for members to post their profile. It only takes you a few minutes to create one which probably lasts for a lifetime. You have a choice to reply if you are ‘nudge’ in any of the dating website. Take them as new friends and you can decide if they are the one you like to meet later.

The year of 2016 is not long and in a glance, it will roll over to 2017 soon. Treasure the 12 months and mark up your expectation to meet at least 1 to 2 new friends every month. You will ultimately find someone you cherish. I am waiting for your good news. Do share and post a comment, if it comes true.