Not Chinese New Year Again

When it comes to Chinese New Year and you are still single and unattached, you do not like to visit relative, sometimes. You know you will be scrutinized with unavoidable questions. Likewise if you are married, you are not spare either. Here are typical questions you can jokingly tell them. It is unlikely they will pester you for a while maybe till next year.

1. Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?

"Any recommendation? Introduce to me. I give you my mobile number. Ask him or her to whatapp me."

2. When are you getting married?

"Once I receive a 5 months bonus, I will get married. Now our company is not doing well, I have to wait for next year bonus."

3. How do you meet each other?

"On the street. Thunder and lightning bring us together."

4. When are you having babies?

"Soon when I have someone to sponsor me half a million to bring up a child. Nowadays, it is so expensive to raise a child. His healthcare, insurance, education all cost money. You want to sponsor 50%?"

5. I know someone. You want me to introduce to you?

"Of course, why not. Does she (he) look as pretty (handsome) as you. Pass her (him) my mobile number."

chinese new year

6. What kind of partner are you searching?

"Exactly just like you, someone so kind, sweet and caring when I am still single. You have a younger sister or brother to introduce?"

7. Why are you so choosy in your partner?

"I have too many partners to choose. I have to be loyal to one, still thinking which one to select. Once selected, I cannot refund. This is my problem now."

 8. Where are you getting married?

"Somewhere where no one can find us. We want to have privacy. You want to be our lamp post."

 9. Have you tried the dating agencies?

"I run through all their database. None of them matches my standard."

 10. How many boyfriend/girlfriend do you have?

"I lost track when I can devoted to each one of them. I am not fickle minded."

 11. Why did you breakup with the previous one?

"I believe I can find a better one."

 12. How long is your last relationship?

"As long as I live, until I see new opportunity coming."

 It is Chinese New Year and sometimes, relatives ask for the sake of asking to pass time. There is no harm being a little more humorous to their questions. Why take offence or avoid their questions altogether? Just remember to get angbao from them if you are single.

Gong Xi Fa Cai, everyone.

If you are still single, I wish you a fruitful year in 2014. Step out and know new friends.