An Online Dating Story

Ask anyone what do they think about online website. Some will say, "there must be bad people out there to cheat your feeling and money" or "it must be the ugly and desperate ones out there". We heard cases of fraud everywhere. This is an interesting story on how this couple, skeptical about online dating website and yet they met each other through online website.

He was 36 years old, single, unattached, a Malay and she was 25 years old, a Chinese, single. She just broke up with her ex-boyfriend whom she knew in university. They met online by chance. Like some of us, they were equally skeptical about meeting new friends online. Ironically, both signed up for a free account one day, not expecting anything in return. She created an account online initially after she broke up with her boyfriend just to make her boyfriend regretted his wrongful decision. She was not keen in meeting new friends then. 

One night after work, he went home and goggled 'friends in Singapore". A list of dating websites popped up and he selected one ads which said "free membership". He knew about big players dating website but he never thought of signing up for any one of them. Just wanting to find some common friends, he signed up for a free account. While he was browsing through some members profile, he saw one interesting profile. Not paying much attention to her profile detail but just attracted by her profile name "Marryme" and her brief profile description, he sent her a free nudge, not expecting her to reply. He did not login again after that night and almost forgot he signed up for this account.  

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Three weeks later, he received an e-mail notification which said, "You Got Message."

She wrote in a one statement, "Hi, can you be my friend?" Both of them were careful with online friends. They read about terrible fraud cases. They worried they were victims this time. Taking all precaution, he subscribed for a one month plan and both chatted online for a month. In the first month, none of them gave each other their personal e-mail or contact. Interestingly while chatting online, he thought she was a swindler and she thought he was a crook. Superficially, they only chatted general topic, nothing specific about their family members. Their trust for each other deepened gradually.

A month later, both started exchanging e-mail address and chatted through their personal e-mail address. This went on until the 3rd months where they agreed to meet offline. This went on for 2.8 years. She came from a tradition Chinese family. Her parents initially objected him, knowing he as a Malay. Their devotion and determination melted their parents heart. He was truly in love with her. On her 29th years birthday, he proposed to her. They got married a year later. Now they have one daughter, all three members living happily in a 4 rooms flat.

Morale of the story: If both of them had the mindset that they are only crooks and ugly people online and they do not take the first step, they could still be single now. There is nothing embarrassing in making new friends online, only to be careful not to disclose personal contact to someone whom you hardly know. If it takes time to know someone before meeting them offline, let time be the test. If the other party is genuine in knowing you, they will wait.