Perfect Present for Christmas

Christmas is just 1 month away. The 1st thing in everyone's mind is rushing to Orchard shopping malls and for boxes of chocolate, towels, mugs or soft toys as present for their colleagues and love ones. We have some basic principles which make this task easier for us. Just follow the steps and you will find it an easy chorus.

1. Edible or non Edible items

Present can be classified to two broad categories, edible or non edible. Edible can be chocolate, biscuits or anything that can be consumed. Non edible items are towel, mug, photo frame or household appliances. By deciding on the items, it helps to narrow down on the location to hunt for these items. When you shop for edible items, take note of the expiry date. If it is due to expire within 1 to 2 months, do not buy them. It gives the recipients an idea you are 'discarding' your near to expiry items away. 


 2. Budget

It is a wrong perception that present must be expensive to show sincerity. A simple gift with much thoughts can warm someone hearts. If you have limited budget and you have decided on one item, look for various source of getting it. This item is found in central shopping mall. Think again, if the same items can be found in neighborhood shopping malls or even online shopping site such as Taobao or Lazada for example and it is much cheaper.

3. Location to Purchase

Not all presents need to be purchased from high end department malls along orchard road. There are plenty of shops around Singapore that sell equally good items. Think about Popular Bookstore, S$1 Value Shop, S$2 Diaso Singapore, NTUC, Sheng Shiong or Cold storage supermarket, Watson and etc. At the end of the day, all items are wrapped. Consider online shopping too. The items can be sent to you within 1 to 2 weeks.  


4. Customization Present

Send something memorable such as printed mug or T shirt with your photo on it. There are many online platforms that provide customization printing and the lead-time is usually 1 to 2 weeks. If you mass order, it can be cheaper too. This is much more creative than buying something off the shelves.

5. Give something unique this year

There are many unique items which seem normal to others. Consider plants seeds for someone keen on gardening, e-scooter for someone that likes moving around, cook books for someone that likes cooking, inspiration decal stickers for someone that likes good quotes on the wall, pet food for someone that keeps dogs, cats or fish, 5 - 10kg brown rice for someone that likes to eat healthy, weighing scale for someone that likes to exercise and keep fit, and the list goes on. What about movie vouchers or gift certificates if you have no idea on what they need. These come in handy. 

Do away with the usual chocolates if you gave them last year, unless they have great craving for chocolates. Make this Christmas a unique one and expand your areas of shopping beyond just the central area. Merry Christmas to everyone out there.