Pokémon Go Game

Suddenly the world is crazy about the new gaming application on Pokémon Go. This game has made its way to the singles. It seems amazing on what Pokémon Go can do to the players. It brought rather unexpected surprise to these young couples. If you are new to Pokémon GO, it is built on Niantic’s Real World Gaming Platform. Pokémon GO allows players to find and catch more than a hundred species of Pokémon as players explore the surroundings.

Thomas 35 and Jane 28 had been dating for 5 years since they met in a social function. With the current mania on Pokémon Go, both were equally hooked onto this game, hunting for different species, some rare ones. Both achieved above level 21 and they were fighting even harder.


A month later, it would be their 5th dating anniversary which also coincided with Jane 28th birthday. Thomas wanted to give Jane a birthday surprise but he ran out of ideas. Every year, he would come up with a surprise but this year he had none.

Strangely, 3 weeks before the day, he cut down on seeing Jane, often only called her by the night and citing he needed to work late. The truth is, he did not work late. No one knew where he went after work. Meeting Jane was limited to just on weekends.  

The day finally arrived and Jane expected some kind of surprise from Thomas, as she knew it would be. Rather disappointed, Thomas only messaged her in the morning with a text kiss, wishing her birthday and called for a simple dinner celebration at Garden by the Bay. It was rather not the style that Thomas would do, thought Jane.



Jane went to Garden by the Bay at 7pm. She could not find him, messaged him and waited.

A young girl came and gave Jane a note. The note said: "Dear, I was kidnapped on my way here. Get me out from the garden clove, we met 5 years ago." It signed off as Thomas.

Jane was worried. She ran towards the destination. She found no one but a giant Poke Ball. She got panic, "Where are you?"

Feeling lost, she rested herself on the bench. A Pikachu mascot appeared from behind and tapped on her shoulder. Suddenly, the surrounding turned bright. Her favorite song flooded the air with neon lights blinking up the trees around the garden. A group of dancers moved towards her. Sadly, Thomas was not in the crowd. The Pikachu mascot knelt down before her, offered a bouquet of her favorite blue tulips.



Balloons surrounding the gardens were released and the giant poke ball rolled towards her. She was confused. "Is this some kind of Pokémon event going on?" She thought. The poke ball busted open in front of her. Right hidden in the Poke Ball, stood Thomas. He stood up with a heart shape cardboard.

It read, "Will you marry me?" He asked.

Thomas jumped out of the giant poke ball, took the blue tulips from the mascot, with a pre-prepared diamond ring, knelt down and asked for her marriage proposal. Jane broke down, hugged Thomas. "You scared me." She said. 

Poke Ball


Thomas hard work paid off. This was the best surprise that Thomas even gave to Jane. Jane remembered for life, this precious moment.