A Story of Single Mother

I interviewed a single mother, rather touch by her predicament. She was brave in bringing up her daughter now 12 years of age. Cindy (her fake name) gave birth to her daughter when she was 20 years old. Working as a property agent, Cindy worked day and night to bring her daughter up, gave her the best education and most importantly, played the role of a father and a mother. Below is the interview extract.

 single mother


Me: Being a single mother, what makes you strong in life?

Cindy: I want to bring up my daughter single handedly. She is my everything.

Me: How do your parents react when you become a single mother?

Cindy: They were mad at me. My parents were managers in big companies. They wanted me to abort the child but I refused. She was innocent.

Me: How do you cope with life? You live alone?

Cindy: I move out at the age of 24 after I got the property agent license. I want to be independent. I brought her along wherever I went for flat viewing. Our relationship was strong. Her smile made me stronger after every flat viewing.

Me: Have you ever contacted his father?

Cindy: I met his father during poly days. He was a hardworking young man. We talked about marriage then and he was serious about it. We dated for 3 years. He liked to speed with his motorcycle when we were dating. Sadly, on the eve of my birthday, he died in a car accident due to speeding. Then, I realized, I was pregnant with his child. He left behind his daughter.

Me: Have you ever considered re-married?

Cindy: Not for now. When I see her, it reminds me of him.

 single mother

 Me: Are you staying single without a partner for life?

Cindy: I have my daughter. This is all I need. If I have another man, would my daughter mind?

Me: How would you play both the father and mother role?

Cindy: I discipline her since young. She has become my best friend. We share common interest and eat common favor ice cream. She looks exactly just like her father, active and steadfast in her character.

Being a single mother is never easy and most people cast suspicious eyes on them. Everyone hopes for a successful marriage but when things happen, life continues. Cindy was strong and she continued to work as a property agent. This is a simple yet real story to remind everyone of us, if we meet them in real life and they seek for 2nd love, give them a chance. They do not choose this path and everyone deserves the path to happiness.