Tell Me! What Do Men Want?

Ladies, do you know what your man really want in his life? In a relationship or a marriage, apart from sex, there are many things in life that make his day. Surprisingly, not many men see sex as important if they are in a marriage or riding on a long relationship. Study shows that 79% of the men are unhappy when they are deprived of peace, trust and money. Only 12% of the men feel that sex  supersedes others to make them happy. Here are 20 factors that make them feel good physically and mentally. Men, as you read them , ask yourself, do you agree with the majority?

1. Give him private time for his own social gathering on weekends

2. Do not ask him about his work or his boss

3. Spend the weekend with him, at home watching TV or movie and not going shopping

4. Go for casual dining rather than romantic restaurant

5. Tell him the surprise that you want and not giving him unexpected surprise

6. Be gentle and stay silent by his side

7. Rest on his shoulder and grape his hands for warm

8. Tell him how much you love him

9. Cook him his favorite dish

10. Do not update him too often with your jewelry or latest fashion

11. Give him shoulder and back massage when he is tired

12. Get him a clean and tidy place to rest

13. Perform home facial treatment together with him

14. Do not probe too much about his past relationship

15. Trust him

16.  Do not insist that he meets your parents or in laws. He knows when to meet them

17. Share the expense with him when both of you dine outside

18. Hug him before you sleep

19. Small talk with him when he is restless

20. Get him a glass of warm water or milo before he sleeps

The greatest fear men expect is having his spouse or loved one, not being able to understand him. Unlike women, men do not show their displeasure easily. Rather, they prefer to keep it deep inside hoping that she will understand him soon. Men don't cry or wept and they pretend to be strong, even if they are not.

In work, men get much stress and humiliation from their superior as much as women. However, they do not brag or talk about it to their partner. They just don't find it necessary to say it out. Anyway, it doesn't help and men think they have to answer more 'why' questions from their partners. Do you know your man now?

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