Tell Tale Sign He Cares for You

I ask my female friends on what makes them think are the tell tale sign of their boyriends caring for them. Surprisingly, sex is not the preferred option. Branded bags and wealth is the second least important element for them. Rather, most of them want the companionship to feel secure. Read on to find out the other 9 tell take sign a man can care for the lady. 

1. Your 24 x 7 domestic helper

He makes sure you are happy every day. He listens to your office politics stories; he rubs your neck when it is sore, he cooks or buys you dinner on the nights you are tired, he takes leave from work to take care of you when you are sick. He buys you coffee or tea when you work late in the office. He brings you to supper when you are hungry in the night. Caring for you is his top priority, and he does a good job, an all-round clock helper without complaint or pay.

2. Communicating with you

He never fails to text you at least twice in a day or sometimes more. I am not talking about first few months of courtship months but even if you know each other for years. If he texts you daily, with just a simple message, you mean something to him. Let's face it, men are notorious for spontaneous ghosting, when they are engross in work, soccer match or with male friends for a drink.


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3. Sex factor

No men reject sex as it is part of men needs to be sexually active. You should get worried if he does not need sex. However sex isn't the reason he is with you. In fact, he wants to do so much more with you by his side, travelling to see the world, sampling new beer or simply working on a common interest together. Sex is just a biological need that has no real feeling but simply short term sensation when human bodies call for it.


4. Making major decisions

He likes to consult you before making decision because he respects your views. He will not quit a new job without talking to you first. If he buys a car or a property, he gets you involved in the initial stage, not just approval on the final stage. He involves you in the decision making process. He can disagree with your views but he wants you to give the first frank opinion. Sizable decisions like this have a bearing on your partnership. He wants you to be part of his life.


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5. Dark Secret

Late at night which, everybody knows is prime time for life most meaningful conversations, he tells you things he has never, told anyone, not even his best bro. This is the equivalent of a man forking over his heart to someone he can trust.


6. Flirt with other girls

If he has eyes only for you and seriously just you, this guy is a different fish. Let’s face it, most men will take a second peep on a sexy woman walking past. You don't have to monitor his every move to see if he is hooking with other ladies. Call it a woman's instinct, but you just know it somehow.


7. His future

When you talk about buying a house or getting married down the line, he doesn't flee for the front door. He is not be ready for this important questions but he does not evade the answers. He tells you what he thinks about his future and for you to understand his predicament.


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8. He is proud of you

He totes you around like the latest fashion handbag. His mom, best friend, colleagues, and a dozen of his ‘brothers’ know a lot about you, because he is proud to share you with the world. He is not afraid to tell his female friends or colleagues about you and your relationship with him. It is official and he wants to make you public and comfortable with his friends. Ultimately, he wants you to be comfortable with his circle of friends. He wants your complete trust of the people he hangs out.


9. Making you special

Be it in good or bad health, he is with you. Be it if you are on make-up or not, he holds your hands when you go shopping. It makes no difference on what fashion cloth you wear, he just like your original self and you always look sexy. You can feel like a chore in any committed relationship, but for the most part, he always hangs a smile on his face when he is with you because you are the ONE.


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