Things Men Do Before Marriage Proposal

Being proposed a marriage should be the most wonderful thing in life for the ladies. Do you find slight change to your recent boyfriend, if you are dating him for a while? If you are with the following steps, be prepared with a little surprise. He is preparing a marriage proposal. He wants a 'yes' and he is doing little things to hint you before he springs into action.

1. Furniture Exhibition

Not the usually Information Technology (IT) fair that he likes to visit. He brings you to view new furniture in town such as in Courts, Ikea or Harvey Norman shop. He asks you for your favourite furniture layout and colour. Out of sudden, he shows interest in home appliances such as the type of iron, the rice cooker, the fridge and etc. Implication: He seeks your views on the type of design. He is ready for a home with you.


2. Financial Savvy

Not being too stingy but he is saving more on the meal for himself but still generous on your meal. He cut down on meeting friends for a drink after work. Implication: He is saving hard first for an engagement diamond ring and then a lavish wedding dinner.

3. Frequent Visit to Your Home

He is spending more time with your family members on weekends. He drops by your home to fetch you on a date and he tries to catch up with your parents and siblings often for family gathering. Implication: He is trying to get good impression and preparing to break the news to your parents once you agree on his proposal.

4. Your Parents Making Friends with His Parents

Your parents are asking if they can meet his parents for casual tea or a meal. Implication: He is secretly hinting your parents about the marriage proposal. Your parents are finding ways to meet his parents and yet keeping it quiet to you, until he accepts your proposal.

5. He Speaks Softly on Selected Calls

When his mobile phone rings, he either acts calmly or speaks softly with a short conversation. Implication: He is either cheating on you or for a more possible reason, he is planning with his gang of friends to come up with a surprise proposal. He does not want you to know the detail and yet giving you a surprise.

6. A Casual Ring as Prize

He gives you a casual ring and says he wins it as a prize. Implication: he is testing on your reaction and waiting for you to ask for a diamond ring instead. He wants you to be mentally prepared when he buys a real engagement diamond ring. He is also testing if the 'dummy' ring fits your finger size so that he can buy a just-fixed engagement ring.


7. He Starts Planning Holiday to Exotic Places

He asks when is your next holiday destination, saying it is just another holiday to spend more time together. Implication: He is planning more than just a holiday but a holiday overseas with a proposal. He is prepared for 2 options. If you say 'yes' overseas, he wins your heart. If you are not prepared, he is not embarrassed. No one knows his failure. He just needs to try harder the next time.

8. He Invites You to His Friend's Wedding or Baby Shower Party

He is more active in attending his friends' wedding or baby shower party and he brings you along even you do not know them. Implication: He wants to hint you on wedding and to have a family. He wants you to see the happiness in marriage and the joys in having a baby.

Finally, he kneels down when no one is watching or perhaps having his close friends nearby. He takes up the small red box and asks for your marriage. He is serious in the marriage proposal. If you say a 'yes', this moment will be captured by his friends and uploaded in the YouTube.  

Just say 'yes' if the feeling comes and you do your homework. It is not the time but the quality you spend with him and his family.