Travelling With Your Girlfriend

Planning for an oversea trip with your girlfriend this coming year end? If this is your first time, there are a few tips which you may like to take note to make this trip an memorable one. If this is not your first time, planning to make it a more memorable one? Here is what it takes.

a) Plan your Destination

Apart from dreaming to faraway island or to land in any romantic pace like in Paris, check if she can apply for long vacation leave. If your destination is anywhere in Europe or America, factor in one to two days of travelling time. You will spoil the whole trip if both of you have less than a week to spare for this holiday. On estimate, you need around 10 - 15 days for Europe Trip and 12 - 18 days for America or Canada trip. For Asia, you can spend around 7 - 9 days depending on your destination.

b) Currency Exchange

Before you decide on a country, consider the foreign currency exchange rate? It is always worthwhile to visit a country where the currency is low and attractive. Get your smart phone downloaded with the free currency exchange application and start planning the best time to change their currency when it is low. You will save quite a bit to shop and spend when the currency is weak. American dollar is dropping by the day and it hovers around $1.25 selling rate, compared to S$1.72 just 8 years ago.

c) Security and Safety

Some countries have strike quite often at certain period of the year (i.e. Christmas or labor day). Watch the news on the counties that you plan to visit. If China is packed with people at the golden week holiday, consider visiting on other month. If countries are having demonstration, election, earthquake or recent worst terrorist attack, change your plan. It is not worth ending up locked in the hotel when such unpleasant incidents happen.

Couple Travelling

d) Weather Condition

Does she like cold or humid weather? If she prefer snow and you bring her to sweat under the hot sun, you are most likely to spoil the trip. Some countries do not snow and some countries have snow at the mountain all year around. Make sure you know her preferred climate to make it romantic and memorable.

e) Mode of Transport

Instead of going for guided tour, try free and easy and plan your own trip. Some travel agencies provide free and easy city tour. You can buy a free and easy package tour and spend quality time just with her without having a large group to tag along. Some of them preferred travel by coach while other prefer train and cruise. Make sure you ask her for her preferred transport. Some of them do not like cruise with seasick while some find it super romantic, watching the sunset together on a cruise just like the movie, Titanic.

f) Bring Extra Cash and Empty Luggage

Not just paying for your tourist tax or airport tax but your girlfriend additional expenses for her friends, family members and herself. You pay for her trip but that is not the end. While she shops, your job is to pay and to carry her shopping bags. Bring along one empty luggage just to pack her shopping presents and her branded cloth. She will love you more than anything. 

Travelling with your girlfriend can be a wonderful thing only if you do your homework and to get the best holiday deal. Otherwise, you will find yourself spending more than you have budgeted. If this happens, you have a hard time paying your credit card bill when it comes the following month.