True Love Goes Beyond Look

We know appearance is the first sight to attraction. However, we also know appearance will not last, if there is no true love underlying it. This is rather a pitiful story about how an attractive lady gave up her true love in pursuit of a lavish lifestyle, only to regret and to bear the consequences later.

Evelyn was a beautiful lady, long silky hair, big eyes and smooth skin. She had a sweet voice. Almost every guy would take a second look at her. She knew her strength and because of her attractive look, her ego went above her. After her marriage, she expected her hubby to treat her like a princess and to buy her expensive bag.

“You are so lucky that I pick you.” She always said to him when someone looked at her.

Her hubby was a rather soft spoken man. He treated her well. He was just a middle manager and he worked hard to buy her expensive cloth, bags and even fetched her from work every day. He did everything for her but somehow, she was not satisfied.

In one year, he was retrenched. He was unemployed for 6 months as economy was bad then. He sold away his car then. When Evelyn knew about it, she started blaming him for not contributing to her lavish lifestyle. All her close friends’ hubbies held rather senior positions. She felt lose out and embarrassed about his predicament.

Feeling emptiness, she started hanging out after work with her male colleagues. She met one wealthy businessman, a divorced in his late 40s through one social function. They started dating and he started giving her allowance, gifts, and even accompany her on short holiday trips. He paid for all her expenses.



Her hubby tried to confront her but she simply brushed his comment aside, saying she needed the lavish lifestyle. He was very upset and disappointed by her flamboyant lifestyle. She changed drastically, much engrossed in attracting attention among the rich.

On one night, Evelyn returned home with his new wealthy boyfriend.

“I have his baby. Let’s file for a divorce.” Evelyn said to her hubby, at the presence of her new boyfriend.

Her hubby was stunned but unwillingly accepted the divorce. They went separated and lost contact thereafter.

6 years later, Evelyn and her ex hubby met by chance in a supermarket. Both exchanged a few words. She was haggard and lethargic, holding on to her 3 years old daughter.

“How are you?”  Her ex hubby asked.

“He left me for another woman.” Evelyn mumbled and left for the cashier.

Since then, her ex hubby did not hear from her again.

At age 37, Evelyn became a single mother, living with her daughter in a 3 rooms rented flat. She worked day and night just to give her daughter a better life. This is the lifestyle she chose. She did not get married again.