True Story: Walking the Aisle of Marriage

For the singles, marriage is only a dream which can never be materialized until someone special steps into our life. This is a story how two singles met and ultimately after 1.5 year of courtship, they walked the aisle together. Cindy is my close friend whom I met for 5 years. She shared her story with me.

Cindy is an average looking woman, 27 years old. She met a couple of guys through SDN website, attended some single events but she still could not find a suitable one. Some guys were two timers and she went through several failed short term relationships, each relationship not lasting for 6 months. She knew she was not sexy but she wanted to get married. Her sister was already married with a baby girl. She targeted to get married before 32 years old with a child.

Cindy worked in insurance line and she got to meet new people. However, when she found someone attractive in her workplace, he was either attached or married. Cindy did not give up. During the night, she turned to several online dating websites. She created a profile and started a conversation with anyone who 'liked' her profile.

Being her best friend, I curiously asked her, "So did you go out with guys online?"

marriage couple

She replied yes and she said she was always occupied over the weekend with different guys.

"Most of them will ask the same questions, and we ended up almost the same dating place, just with different guys." She shared with me.

Cindy was brave and she was not bothered if she met 'bad guys online.

On one weekday evening, she login to one dating website and she met this guy, Kenneth. He was an engineer, quite a decent looking guy, 5 years older than her. They chatted for a while and met offline after a month. Cindy picked the gym this time for their first date and since then, gym became their preferred dating place.

"We dated for one year before he met my parents. He was late during our first visit. I was so mad at him and he did not even apologize." She recalled.

I asked her then, "So, how did you parent see him then?"

She replied, "Not good, for the first time."

Then, I was thinking, it might be the end of another short term relationship. I was wrong. Subsequently, he made several attempts to visit her parents with gifts and treats. It continued for 6 months before he proposed to her at her flat car park. Yes, it was at her flat car park.

Some 3 months later, I received an facebook invitation for her wedding. In all, they got married after knowing each other for just not more than 2 years. Now, Cindy is 32 years old and she has a 1 year old daughter. She told me she was blessed to meet Kenneth and to start a family with him.

I envy her life for being so determined to find ways to start a family. I am 38 years old now, still single. Staying at home or simply attending a few functions do not give us a chance to meet our special someone. I learnt a lot from Cindy's story. We need to be active both online and offline to meet new friends. If one dating website does not work, go for another one. If one single event does not work, attend another one. I want to be like Cindy, to walk the path with the special someone soon.