Ways to Find New Friends

It is not true to say it is hard to find friends. It just take a little effort to step out of the comfort zone. Sometimes, we need to smilt to initiate the first friendship. There are times, where we are rejected with a cold look. It does not kill anyway. There are billions of people out there but only a smile and a hi break the ice into friendship. Remember, friendship breeds everywhere. I share some of them as follow;

1. Social Networking Friends

Social networking platform like, facebook, twitters, and linked-in are some common social networking platform. Surprisingly, friendship for these categories is often restricted within the platform unless one steps forward to know them in person. If you see them often in the virtual world and you feel comfortable, meet them in person to deepen the friendship.

2. Events and workshop

Your company may appoint you to attend certain seminars or workshops. You exchange business card during the seminar and say you will keep in touch. How many of us really ‘keep in touch’ beside just keeping their name card and showing to our boss after the workshop? They may be your business friends or associate. After working hours, they can also be your friends. Extend this beyond just business friends.

3. Community Work

Some of you do charity, grassroots or community work. You are involved in events to help the lower income, needy and the general mass. While we are busy ensuring the event is successful, sometimes we forget we can establish friendship after the event. Do not just see them in community work. Spend some time to meet them for a drink and to establish new friendship.

4. Travelling

Be it when you travel alone or in a group, you find new friends. The friendship deepens if the trip lasts for more than 3 days. I once visited a shop overseas. We chatted for the 1st time and on the 2nd time, the retail assistant addressed me by name and she wished me a safe journey home. She remembered I was leaving on that day. If you travel in a group, you find new friends. Keep that contact beyond just the group photo that you took.


5. Commuters

We get defensive when a stranger approaches us and asks for our name. However, when we meet the same commuter taking the same train many times and he recognizes you, a smile and a morning greeting can soon be developed into good friendship.

6. Hawkers and Retail Shop Assistant

Some retail shop assistants go all the way to capture their client, to provide good customer service. I once visited this hawker centre selling fish ball noodles. As I have been getting the same food from this stall every morning, whenever I flick my finger with a smile, the hawker knows what I want and she deliberately serves me to the table even her stall says ‘Self Service’. At times, my portion grows bigger with an additional fish ball at no charge. This is what I call friendship.

7. Eatery Centre

Remember the common word, we use when we are searching for an empty seat in the eatery centre. “Is this seat taken?” This catching phrase can be  developed into a self introduction phrase. Friendship starts from here. Do not end the conversation once we have finished the food. Exchange business card and to keep in touch verbally thereafter.

Sometimes, it just takes some courage and a smile to strike a conversation and to develop good friendship. No one can guarantee whether if it turns out to be a good or bad friendship. At least we have tried and we lose nothing.