Where to Spend Your Day?

Running out of ideas where to go? Check this out and you will be surprise how little it cost to have fun activity for a day from a newly found friend to someone special. It does not cost a lot but it will make your day happier and cheaper.  

 Level 1: Newly Found Friend

These ideas are best suited if you do not know your new friend very well. Usually, it is not ideal to have an elegant dinner for first time meeting. Instead, you may consider some light and casual activities to get the friendship going further.

  • Visit the museum. It may sound crazy or boring but it is a unique way to create some attention. Ask for a free walking tour map, and set off to explore an area neither of you know well. This is something not many people will think of going on a first date. Make sure your partner likes history.
  • Find a manufacturer that offers free tours to factory for opening house sampling such as a cookie making or winery road show.
  • Watch the world go by. Find a busy place and sit down with the intent of creating stories about the folks you see. Exchange ideas on the way they talk and what they eat.
  • Go window shopping together in a new shopping mall.
  • Stroll by the beach preferably in the late afternoon and to talk about your future goals and your favorite pastime.


Level 2: Somehow Quite Close Friend

No good movies to catch and tired of going shopping? Well, try the following:

  • If both of you have digital cameras, spend a few hours taking pictures together to see who comes up with the best photo. You can make a theme of the day (trees, moving objects, couples in love).
  • Sign up for a weekend classes such as yoga, gym or language class that both of you fancy. Challenge each other on how well you can learn and to exchange your knowledge with your partner.
  • Find a larger department store that sells perfume and take a few hours to discover the perfect scent for each of you.
  • Go to the library and pick out a how-to dance video for the two of you to try out and any common subjects and start discussing on it.

 Level 3: Confirmed Lifetime Partner

You know your partners for months or years and you have tried all the above. You have plan for the future. What’s next?

  • Book a property agent (they do not charge a fee unless you confirm buying house) and start looking for your dream house together. Occupy each weekend and visit several open houses and compare what both of you want in a home.
  • Find a friend that the both of you know who needs a break, and offer to babysit, dog walk or tend to their garden for a few hours while they put their feet up and relax.
  • Look out for a travel fair and start planning for a short holiday trip together.  
  • Enter  a contest together for a day. Some may require an essay or skill testing question, so enjoy crafting or figuring them out together.


Got some ideas? Start planing and to execute them. Have fun!