Why is Ah Mah always so lucky?

Beauty has the first advantage when it comes to relationship. However this story tells otherwise. "Ah Mah' was not a very attractive girl but luckily she married an handsome husband. 'Ah Mah' as the name suggested put people off when you heard it. However, she was open minded and she was positive in her life.

Some 25 years ago, when I was studying Business Administration in NUS, we usually mixed with boys from the Engineering Faculty just the next block away.

Back then in our class, there was this girl, 145cm, weighing 55 kg, a bit plumb with a mole on her face. She was shortsighted and she wore glasses. She looked exactly like the ‘Ah Mah” in the television drama series. We called her ‘Ah Mah’ since then.

At that time, most of us girls were engross dating the boys from the Engineering Faculty, except ‘Ah Mah’, who was always left alone. None of the boys wanted to date her. However, Ah Mah was a cheerful and positive person. She used to say positively, “With such a talented girl like me, I would not want to marry man loosely. I will marry a great engineer from NTU, with at least 175m tall, to suit my criteria, one day.”

Every time Ah Mah spoke about her future prince charming, our group of girls could not help but laughed and teased her saying, “Ah Mah thinks she is so attractive. She should have looked at herself in the mirror.” Of course, Ah Mah knew we are teasing her. However she was positive and she always replied cheerfully, “Don’t you laugh at me. I will prove you wrong one day.”

On one school holiday, the boys from Engineering Faculty invited us for a BBQ at East Coast Park. All of us went including Ah Mah. At the BBQ party, Ah Mah volunteering said, “Let me do the chorus and the BBQ. I will handle all these hard work.” Throughout the whole BBQ session, most of us girls were busy chatting with the boys except Ah Mah who was happily doing the BBQ at the pit.


We were all dolled up sexy, pretty and attractive to impress the boys, and we distance ourselves from the smoke at the BBQ pit. Ah Mah was the only one that volunteered to carry the charcoal, marinating the meat, pouring the drinks, and BBQ the raw meat. She sweated the whole night just to ensure everyone had something to eat.

That night, one engineering student, height 1.76m tall joined the BBQ Party. He sat at one corner and her mood was bad. He just broke up with her girlfriend not long ago. Ah Mah approached him and showered him with ‘motherly love’. She cajoled him, cheered him up and to counsel him just like a mother to a helpless child and fed him well with food and drink for the night.

After the university graduation, most of the girls in our class went separate ways; some further their study overseas while others worked in the society. We still get connected in facebook. One day, to our surprise, we knew from facebook that Ah Mah was married.  

“Are you sure? That’s impossible. Who did she marry?”

“She married to one of the handsome engineering guy.”

“How can that be? You are kidding. How do they get together?”

“It’s the truth. They are getting married. Check out her facebook album.”

The truth is out. When we found out that Ah Mah got married to a handsome guy, we felt jealous, angry and we feel like cursing her and hopefully to hear her divorce news soon.

However, 20 years later, some of us girls who used to be hot dates among the boys were all happily getting married off but also getting divorce subsequently. As for Ah Mah, she was still with her prince charming, both as loving as before, taking care of each other.

That day, I met up with my classmate and I asked her, “How is Ah Mah?”

“She lives in Bukit Timah now. Her husband is the General Manager of an Engineering firm and both live in a freehold landed property near 6th Avenue. Her son graduated from Anderson Junior Colleague and her daughter was studying 1st year in NUS.”

Deep in my mind, I wondered, why are good things always happening on her?

We remember, when Ah Mah got married that evening, one of the girl asked the bride, “Handsome, there are so many girls in our class, but why do you choose Ah Mah”

The bride answered, “Seriously, Ah Mah is not pretty at all. However if I marry her, I am relieved. She is gentle, positive, cheerful, unlike my ex girlfriends, although attractive, they always vent anger on me, expecting me to cajole them. If I marry them, I worry when that one day I will upset them, resulting in them leaving me. However, Ah Mah treats me like a gem. In her heart, I am always precious. That why I choose her.”

Ah Mah has a pleasant personality and she earns a good marriage. Look can be deceiving and it needs not guarantee everlasting relationship. I am in mid 40 now, used to be attractive in my school days. I am still single hoping to live the life of Ah Mah soon.

Morale of the story: Most often when a man looks for a life partner, it goes beyond the look. Character and personality count.