World Cup on His Mind

No all men are crazy about world cup but most men will be talking about it. Do you find your boyfriend or husband glued to the television set at the middle of the night? It is not easy to draw them away from the world cup since it is once every 4 years affair. Furthermore, Brazil is hosting the match and it makes watching it more worthwhile. I am not here to talk about soccer and who get into the final, rather, I like to share with you, especially the lady on how to make it more memorable for him.

1. Watch With Him

For you to get up at wee hours to watch world cup with him may seem crazy but he will appreciate your company. He knows you are not interested and you cannot figure out why men are so crazy fighting for one ball in an open field. However, just by sitting next to him at the sofa, dozing off gently will make him feel sweet. Just make sure you do not snore while he is watching. Otherwise, he will send you back to your bed instead.

2. Support His Team

Be it Spain versus the Netherlands in a no run-of-the-mill group encounter, just support his team. Not all men enjoy their favourite team to be scorned at all.  If you do not know which team is on the field, observe his reaction. When the ball hits the goal and he cheered with a "Yes', the color team is his supported team. If he scorns with a "shit men", you know the color team is his opposition. Do not cheer at the wrong team.

3. Get Him A Beer

No men watch a match without a beer in his hand, especially a chilled one. Some light finger foods are good especially in the middle of the night. You need not prepare him with a feast. His whole morning attention will be glued to the green field rather than the food. The finger food and beer only serve as energizer to boost him more energy to cheer for his team.

4. Buy Him Merchandise Products

If he supports a particular country team, get him the accessories relating to his team before the match. He loves it more than any present you give home on your annual anniversary or on his birthday. If you get him his team T-Shirt, he will wear it the next non working day, like a uniform until the world cup fever is gone.

5. Know The Players & Coach

Do not fret if you do not know what style they are playing. We are not professional. Spend some time and goggle his favorite player and remember the names. If he supports Brazil team and his favorite star is Neymar, know something about his ticks and tactics. He will be impressed when you mentioned their names.

6. Remind Him of The Match

"Dear, don't forget this morning 2am match on England versus Italy." Remind him on the next match so that he will not miss out any 'live' matches. No men like to watch a repeated telecast. They are least interested to know the outcome from other social media. What interest them is the process, not the outcome. They find it a luxury to glue at their sofa for hours between two group of team fighting for a ball. This is the thrill. If you are not a fan in soccer, it is hard for you to understand.

7. Avoid Comment

If you are not a soccer fan, hold back on your comment. It is better to say none than to comment on how it should be played. Sometimes, commenting on a match without knowing why can backfire, and he thinks you are pretending to be smart. Silence is golden here.

Forgive him for this month if he needs more sleep during the day on weekend and he is more active in the wee hours, chasing after a ball, miles away in Brazil. This 'fever' only comes once every 4 years. It means a lot to them. If you are not a fan, it means nothing to you. He will resume his routine attention to you once it ends in July. If your man is not preoccupied in soccer, you have the whole world of attention to him.