Is Your Relationship Lasting? Not Mine.

Are you aware that sometimes, you need not say anything to your partner and they get your message? What is not spoken can be fatal than what is spoken and written down. Do you know that absence of dialogue is the chief reason behind failing relationship? Here are some tips on how to communicate effectively for maintaining healthy relationships. It works for married and dating couples.

1. Listen

Having disagreement on certain issues? Expecting others to agree with you? If you think of it this way, be prepared to break this good relationship. Start listening now. If it is sometimes that contradicts with what you think, open up your mind and sort it out. Let the other party finishes the sentences before you start talking. It helps if you are silent, unless being asked to comment. Couples break up because both of them are equally eager to speak and to defend their thoughts.

2. Show Appreciation

Human beings always treasure what they find it hard to get. However, with the passage of time, some of them take their partners presence for granted. That is another root cause of decay of relationships. For new couples, the first 2 - 3 years are always sweet. To maintain the beauty of any relationship, shower your beloved with appreciation and applause. A simple word of praise can wash away a million misgivings. You need not spend big money on gifts and your partner is equally satisfied. Small gifts help too such as buying them their favorite food or giving them a massage after a hard day of work.

3. Face the Issue

Having a messy argument and refusing to compromise? It is common and it is equally lethal. When both parties are boiling at their peak, nothing will be solved. Pull in some cooling days for both parties to calm down. It may take a day or a few days but these days are necessary. Talk to your friends first to let out the frustration gas and then take some courage to confront the issue with your partner and to solve it together. Insisting your stance only leaves a scare in this unsolved problem. Once the matter is resolved, do not ever bring up the issue again.

4. Compromise

Compromising does not make you a loser but a hero. Indeed it helps you solve a problem. I know of a young couple who are together for 10 over years as husband and wife. When I asked them for their secrets, both answered, ‘compromise’. They do not see compromise as a sign of defeat. Rather, it is a sign of maturity and mental growth. The secret is just that simple. It takes a big heart to put this into action.


5. Ask for Professional Help

If things gets out of hand and you have tried every way. Get professional helps. When I say professional helps, I am not referring to close friends or family members but trained counselors. They are trained to handle difficult situation and they know how to facilitate this session. Getting your friends or family members, do not help much unless they are trained in this field.

6. Hold Your Emotion

We are human beings and we get emotional sometimes. When things are not in our way, we get frustrated or agitated. It happens. I share a story. A couple dated for 2 years, broke up with the boy accusing the girl for seeing someone else behind his back. It was a misunderstanding but the girl never got a chance to explain. These 2 years relationship just ended over this trivial matter. The girl still cared about him after the breakup.

In life, we do make rash choices or decisions just because things get messy sometime. Every relationship goes through the tough phase. If you ask any couples on the street, none will admit their relationship to be smooth all the time. Most of them cited compromise and listening. To maintain good relationship, you need to keep your faith intact and to try the hardest to make this beautiful chemistry work all over again.