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Feb 11th, 2013

Running out of ideas on how to impress her? Inviting her for dinner may seem too simple a task with no creativity. Try something innovative to impress her. Some couples shared with me their tactics during courtship days and it worked on them.

Jan 27th, 2013

Are you aware that sometimes, you need not say anything to your partner and they get your message? What is not spoken can be fatal than what is spoken and written down. Do you know that absence of dialogue is the chief reason behind failing relationship?

Oct 28th, 2012

Running out of ideas where to go? Check this out and you will be surprise how little it cost to have fun activity for a day from a newly found friend to someone special. It does not cost a lot but it will make your day happier and cheaper.  

Sep 23rd, 2012

Stop fretting about how to leave a good impression. Study shows that if you manage to capture their attention within the first 90 seconds, chances are they are your friend in the next 5 seconds. It is not hard to break the ice. I used to practise saying hi in front of the mirror and never dare to step out, until one day where I say hi and smile, expecting to be rejected with a cold look.

Aug 11th, 2012

You have found a new friend and you are keen to start a good relationship. You manage to secure their contact and you are out on a date.

Jul 14th, 2012

For singles who wants to start a family, marriage is always the most positive thing they look forward to. Before entering to a new chapter of life, a couple needs to consider several factors that may be left hidden before the marriage. Are you ready for them when it comes?

Jun 24th, 2012

It is not true to say it is hard to find friends. It just take a little effort to step out of the comfort zone. Sometimes, we need to smilt to initiate the first friendship. There are times, where we are rejected with a cold look. It does not kill anyway. There are billions of people out there but only a smile and a hi break the ice into friendship. Remember, friendship breeds everywhere. I share some of them as follow;