13.8 Is there a flowchart to show how redress is being addressed?

Yes. we undertake to comply with the Principles of Redress and Monitoring Mechanism, which include the following:

  • Maintain an adequate system for monitoring complaints so that the appropriate action can be taken to rectify any breach of this code or resolve the member’s complaint.
  • Response and investigate all complaints received within 3 - 5 working days of the receipt of the client’s complaint.
  • If the complaint is complex and the investigation into the complaint cannot be completed within 3 – 5 working days, a written acknowledgement should be sent to the member.
  • Such acknowledgement should contain an indication of when a full investigation can be completed.
  • We should resolve the complaint within an agreed time frame with the members not exceeding 28 days.
  • Where the Fun link’s investigation reveals that there has been a breach of this code, Fun Link shall take all steps necessary to rectify the breach or resolve the complaint.
  • All complaints received are kept strictly confidential.
Activity Actions Actions By Fun Link
Receiving Complaints How to lodge a complaint
  • Member clicks on ‘Contact Us’ tab under home page
  • Member is recommended to run through the FAQ for some common asked questions
  • If the answers are not found in the FAQ, member can complete the online form
  • He will be required to enter his name, e-mail address and contact number
  • Member just needs to select the main topic to direct the issue and click ‘send’
Highlight the Dispute Resolutions procedures
  • An automated message will appear in the members e-mail inbox within 1 working day
  • It shall note his submission with a reply within 3 to 5 working days depending on the complexity of the complaint
Responding to Complaints Timely and fairy manner

Resolved to the members satisfaction

Provide a named individual responsible for handling complaints
  • A staff will e-mail the member within the next 48 hours for more information if the complaint receives is not sufficient
  • Staff will provide him with his contact and member may contact him on the process of the investigation
  • Staff records the complaint
  • Staff investigates the complaint and keeps him informed on the progress in every 3 - 5 days if it is a complex case
  • After investigation, member is informed on the outcome and the actions Fun Link will take to compensate him if necessary
  • Staff documents the outcome of the complaint and actions taken
  • Fun Link to review the case and actions to be taken to prevent future mishaps
  • Members may refer to CASE for alternate redress, where applicable
Monitoring complaints Record quarterly reports
  • Fun link will review the complaints and compliments and record  a quarterly report on the following
  • Compliments and complains received
  • Number of members registered
  • Number and detail of collaborations or joint activities with other agencies and commercial establishments