How it works?

How it works for you at FunLink?

1. Free Member

If you are single at or above 21 years old, simply login to create your profile at NO COST.

  1. Create a profile
    List information about yourself such as your appearance, location, age, profession, interest and preference. The more detail you list, the better are the chances of you finding the right friend. I promise, it won’t take more than 20 minutes to complete your profile.
  2. Behavior Surveys
    Complete the 5 blocks of behavior surveys on general lifestyle, dating and career preference. It comes in useful for members interested to know your lifestyle habits.
  3. Add Photos
    Add up to five photographs to your profile for other members to see a complete picture of yourself. The photo you took on your last holiday, could be what attracts them.
  4. Login with Top Up Credits
    Each time you login, you earn 10 extra virtual credits. There is no expiry date. Use it to write free text, send nudges or reveal their survey box. Know them well before you meet them in person. 
  5. Send Nudges
    Send them nudges and super nudge. Sending "Nudges" is free. It shows your interest and it adds to their profile ranking. Sending super nudges shows your sincerity and interest. Super nudge cost 10 virtual credits.
  6. Bring A Friend Referral
    Introduce a single friend to create a new account and be awarded 100 virtuual credits. This is how we reward you for the referral. 

2. Premium Member

As a Normal Premium (the 'NP') member, you can easily communicate with other paying members via email at no extra cost in addition to the benefits of a Free Member. In addition, you earn ...

  1. Extra Virtual Credits
    You gain free extra virtual credits to purchase virtual icons, super nudges.
  2. E-mail Notification
    You receive new members’ updates and new message all at the comfort of your e-mail. Just login to the hyperlink to stay connected in FunLink again.
  3. Boost Sincerity Rate
    On every virtual gift that you send using the virtual credit, you boost the member sincerity rate. With every super nudge that you send, you top up the members virtual credits.
  4. Compatibility Surveys
    Want to know if you see eye to eye on some issue? The compatibility survey helps to map out the similarity and show you the result.

3. Deluxe Premium Member

As a deluxe premium (the 'DP') member, you have unlimited opportunities to initiate and receive communication even from free members through inbox at no extra charges involved. You enjoy all the features that free members and normal premium member enjoy with more virtual credits given to you FREE.

You are free to conduct offline communication only when you feel comfortable with the members. Otherwise, we encourage you to conduct all communication online to protect your privacy. It is not about the subscription that we are concern about.

We use funlink related e-mail address for all online communciation to prevent any form of harrassment or spamming. We want you to be safe only in meeting the right friend.


Our Obligation & Services 

1. NO CREDIT CARDS detail is required upon registeration. 2. NO UP-FRONT PAYMENT needed. 3. NO OBLIGATED PAID SUBSCRIPTION required.

New members will have their completed profile moderated within 48 hours. Why 48 hours?

We want to make sure, members who create an account are real people and you talk to the real people. Sorry for keeping you waiting for 48 hours before your new profile goes public. At times, it can be shorter but not longer.